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  1. Droopy


    @yorkleyblue lot of people were hating on Lampard here for playing six months with Citeh now you expect them to act like adults with Willian. Not gonna happen.
  2. Lets just be grateful it ain't for Ozil's eyes.
  3. Droopy


    Most of the football players usually burn the bridges with their former clubs because most of the football players have the IQ of the ape. So I will never judge them by their behavior outside the pitch unless it's .... I mean really bad. And on the pitch Willian has been a synonym for professionalism. One of the most hard-working wings in modern football. The attacking part of his game was limited, very useful for particular opponents and occasions but for the most of the time liability in terms of scoring and assisting. Yet, he's been a great servant for a veeery long time so I wish him the best personally - I mean let him be happy and healthy. Btw, why upset with the Arsenal? It just proves their mediocre level. That's the third washed player they signed from Chelsea for the last 5 seasons and they haven't been able to even get close to CL qualification apart from the runs in Europa League. All of these players been tormented by their fans and their reporters, Willian is just the next guy that wants to stay in London and finish his career in non committing matches for a smaller club.
  4. I hope we will eventually get more from a 70+ millions transfer than running behind the defensive line and scoring occasionally headers. Because that's exactly what Dele Ali's been doing ever since they declared him the next great successor of Frank and Gerrard.
  5. This guy is destined to be the next huge flop. Fits United perfectly.
  6. Bye, bye Kai, it was good for a moment to think you are a Blue now. You even had a thread in the forum.
  7. Just as long as we sign a replacement for Kepa I'm good.
  8. Unbelievable the same club donate 75+ millions to Bilbao out of pure good will and generosity in return for nothing, now doesn't want to pay.
  9. Well, for the little time he spent on the pitch Tomori probably made 10 times more mistakes with the ball than Rudiger made for the entire season but the double standard here for the academy players and the foreigners are not breaking news. Aaaand... 3, 2, 1... "but he is still young" whining begins ... as the picture in my head of Johhny Evans, Phil Jones, John Stones and some other "promising" "young" defenders.
  10. Don't make a thread, please.
  11. We've seen some great performances by him before the injury so I'm not counting him out so quickly. But one thing upsets me every single time - his terrible attempts to make diagonal passes. Just let it go, Antonio, you are not Luiz and will never be. Focus on yous strengths, you are quick, you can run through the midfield if you are confident, but for christ sake stop doing these diags.
  12. If it ain't 100+ millions we should't even consider. We are talking about a world champion, champion of England and winner of so many other trophies as a best player in his position in the freaking world. You are not just selling him like that for couple of extra millions. You take the risk and grab some more trophies or you let him go... ain't gonna be sillier than 80 millions for Arrizzabballagga, 40 milions for Bakayoko or 75 millions for Morata.
  13. Why? They will have a competition which is always good... as long as they want to improve as players. And if they don't want to or they can't... what is the shame about it then?
  14. I hope you guys don't turn on him after couple of bad months. I mean.. I've seen all these comments not once or twice addressing previous managers.. things can got hot pretty quickly and huge part of our fans are among the most inpatient in the world, including many here.
  15. Yeap, easy win. 3-0 Chels, 2x Giroud, Reece James from long distance.

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