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  1. To me personally, he was still a Chelsea man even after United fiasco. But now I can really say it - Jose, you are a twat.
  2. 1. Abraham 2. Kovacic 3. Pulisic
  3. Reece James reminds me of... LeBron James. What a force of nature!
  4. Droopy


    Played like a real captain. What a performance!
  5. Just came to say that I love Kante and celebrate his return.
  6. I don't care about stats regarding the keepers, I just don't feel it when it comes down to some real-ass goalkeeping which, to me, against all the meanings of the modern football, is saving the damn ball. He is just not that great at the very foundations of his position. I don't think he is bad at crossing, he is also commanding the defense pretty damn well, especially when try to pass the ball on the feet, miles ahead of Courtois, but he needs more pure saves like the one against Foster. I'm afraid that's the only time he's saved us the points in the League or Europe. Simply not enough. Having a keeper that doesn't make key saves is like having a forward that doesn't score goals. Don't get me wrong, everybody loves Giroud, but if you've got the chance to replace him with Abraham, there wouldn't be a second thought. Kepa needs to consider that.
  7. Everybody's expecting a tough game. But its been awhile since we crushed them easily at home. Which is not normal for a club of this caliber. I see 3+ goal difference in our favor. About time we teach them something about football.
  8. Well, he's always been a loser in European tournaments. I remember him leading Juventus in the group stage the year before Alegri took the to the final... they got eliminated by Galatasaray.
  9. I love the fact that he is banging goals regularly, but boy, his overall game and connection to the others is what really makes me smile. Even if we cut his goals to half, I wouldnt have any problem, he is playing that well. The only thing he should be working on is his stamina. Minute 60 seems to be his limit for now.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hazard did need three seasons till finally become the figure he was the last couple of seasons, no? Don't be so harsh on such an young player.
  11. You can blame Pulisic for that. Terrible idea passing the ball like this to that direction.
  12. VAR? Var didn't draw lines, nor calculate angles, it was Mike Dean's decision. The thing about Var is that in order to change the referee decision it should be 100% incorrect. Was it? No. They twist it like it's good for them. There is no VAR, it's still up to these corrupted twats in FA.
  13. It's unbelievable people to express disappointment with CHO like they really thought he'd immediately replace Hazard and his influence/statistical contribution. If that's the case, it cant be helped, I guess.
  14. We depend too much on Alonso in this type of situations. It's ok-ish to expect your LB to be active in modern football but I mean come on, we'd been trying to find him since 1-2, long balls, one-two, regular passes. All of it towards Marcos. Considering it's his 2131231823123 match in a row without rest, they put a personal man to press him the entire time, since minute 1, it's no surprise that they closed us. Somebody else should step up too.

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