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  1. It's not the VAR or technology itself, its the same stupid corrupted faces behind it controlling VAR. As long as the final decisions are being called by these clown pushers even if they install chips up the players ass there will be bias.
  2. Joke aside, he was one of the clutchest players in our recent history. Terrible in the 15:00 Saturday matches and unstoppable force of nature in the derbies and big stage matches.
  3. Pulisic and Werner are both at terrible shape right now and they are like 67% of our offensive power right now barring Ben and Reecer so...
  4. Just give him 10-years contract and the problem is solved. 😄 Seriously, the guy's vertical is higher than Ronaldo's. If I didn't know I would have never said he is 35.
  5. I don't know what happened with his agility and quickness but the guy seems to have big time suffering when 1 on 1 with anybody. I hope he is just tired but right now he looks terrible with the ball going at defenders.
  6. His inability to make good assists, to score goals and to attack between the lines is hurting him badly. What's the point of him being the second best dribbler in Chelsea history behind Hazard when the runs always end up with intersection or bad decision. If he is not miles ahead of Kante offensively he will never be first choice because even that nerfed version of N'golo is way way better than Kova defensively.
  7. One on one with Rashford with his feet was even more impressive than the final minute tho.
  8. Performance for the doubters. The best Englishman in the squad right now by considerable margin.
  9. Petr, you bloody genius. So glad he is with us and not with Arsenal. Mendy was like a Black Panther. What a talent. This is talent people - something that we've actually seen. Not like with Kepa and his 'he must be good' doubt. :D
  10. All the haters should give him some credit. He is truly capable of solving any particular problem at the time. Next step is to do that without hurting the other components. Ever since the introduction of Silva and Mendy to the squad we are completely different animal defensively. But our offense struggles now. We need balance.
  11. Franks seems like he doesn't like to risk a lot in this sort of matches. We always play 3-4-3 with the massive captain Dave in the three. Not sure if I like it but we've had some success with this formation, we also have had some bad results, so let's see... all I am really concerned about is that we ALWAYS play with 3 in the back in the derbies and Ole might have prepared.
  12. I hope you are right about the time. But the goal was not special because it wasn't important. It only added 1 point. Had he score his chances while 0-0 we could have won two more. Btw I think most of Giroud's goals are actually pretty good. He suffers to score the easy ones.
  13. Timo is a machine, he doesn't need rest. Just kidding... but seriously, no Abraham, please.
  14. They have played one match less and we are up two points so even in the table they are better than us.
  15. We need time. We needed time to heal, now we need to time to play together so we can form the core for the future. I was optimistic for every match so far but this for this one I got no positive expectations. United are a laughing stock but they are just ahead of us at the moment.
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