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  1. I work respectable job and I might say I have value to my team. So does Pulisic. If I keep getting sick days in like 50% of the time, at some point I will be fired or be forced to quit rather. My intelligence should not be a primary concern to a mere mailman or bartender. Go grab your Sunday drink and go to the bathroom to suck your best friends cock in the nearest closet. You didn't get the usual beating every other year because of Covid and you are overexcited now. Calm down
  2. Sorry to be the bad guy but at some point he should be held accountable for all these missing games.
  3. He scared the sh*t out of Barnes. Had it been Kepa there, we were down by one for sure. When you are good keeper the reputation starts playing for you.
  4. Wow, Frank, amazing team. It cannot get any more offensive than that. It would have been perfect to have Werner playing along all these great creative players but at least we get the trio behind for the first time + Mount in the middle which is interesting as well.
  5. His 'problem' is definitely not his physique. There are many, many examples of fragile players having a huge success in Premier League. Actually they are probably larger number than the physical type. Jorginho's main problem is that he is just not delivering great passes constantly for his reputation. Sure people will find 10 clips with him for 3 years here but everyone can see he is not delivering it constantly. For a player of his caliber at the moment he turns he should be able to throw a 80-footers across the pitch without a hesitation. Instead he is passing the ball to the closest
  6. We should dominate from minute one. Don't give them them the ball. Don't make it a battle. Siege the box. Play with the three creative players behind the forward - Pulisic, Ziyech and Havertz. No more bullsh*t. No Mount, no Werner in the three behind. Playing with 3 in the back shouldnt even be considered as an option. That's how Pep treats them. They will only be a problem if Frank makes them a problem. 20 Oct 2018 Manchester City v Burnley W 5-0 Premier League 26 Jan 2019 Manchester City v Bur
  7. The guy has the talent but he is lacking the physique and the mentality. Unless he tough up in both departments his career is doomed and he will spend it in the Fulham and QPR caliber teams.
  8. He is by far the best transfer so far and that includes Mendy who is spectacular. Ben is shutting the haters down, me included. Keep on with the good work lad!
  9. What do you mean you hope he doesn't end up like Ozil? Ozil was a world champion, a winner with Real Madrid and sort of a loser because of Wenger and the Arsenal environment. But Ozill was a spectacular player with great career. The only problem with him was that he was a big time choker, a huge liability in big matches. That being said when the players around Kai perform like the way they did the first couple of months you can't expect him to have great time on the pitch. Yet, he is much more active than I expect him to be with Pulisic, Werner, Mount and Ziyech playing like complete gar
  10. Nice fancy statistics. Pardon me and my uneducated approach with the assists and goals. I really should just move on the fancy stuff - what's on X axis, what's on Y axis, what does it mean, how are the scrubs like Fred, Guendozi and Harry Winks in the top 5 best of this genius statistical masterpiece. Who cares about those things? Who cares about goals and assists? If it looks shiny, its gotta be good. If we can explain it or not, doesnt matter, as long as it looks like its some 9-years old first experience with excel. Damn, I am so behind. 'Progressive distance carried' god damn
  11. It's not the VAR or technology itself, its the same stupid corrupted faces behind it controlling VAR. As long as the final decisions are being called by these clown pushers even if they install chips up the players ass there will be bias.
  12. Joke aside, he was one of the clutchest players in our recent history. Terrible in the 15:00 Saturday matches and unstoppable force of nature in the derbies and big stage matches.
  13. Pulisic and Werner are both at terrible shape right now and they are like 67% of our offensive power right now barring Ben and Reecer so...
  14. Just give him 10-years contract and the problem is solved. 😄 Seriously, the guy's vertical is higher than Ronaldo's. If I didn't know I would have never said he is 35.
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