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  1. For the first time I see someone being substituted for bleeding nose. Yeah, Barca fits him perfectly.
  2. Another Jordan type performance in the air by this little girl. Yeah, I'm 100% he will thrive in Barca. And substituted in the half... from a slap in the face... You missed the little fact that Marquez and Pujol were among the greatest warriors on the pitch. This little girl is one of the softest poor souls I've ever seen.
  3. Most of these players are well beyond their primer. And they are trash right now. Batsman, Willian, Pedro... what the hell did you expect with them washed bums?
  4. Some of you guys really live in a parallel universe. Adaptation to Premier league, pace issues, physicality issues, language barrier... I am starting to think some of you had spent last few years in a cave. Premier League is not unique, it's not more difficult or something special in terms of the above nonsense the media like Sky or BBC are trying to sell us. Players like Aguero, Costa, Mata, Silva, KDB, Salah, Suarez, Yaya Toure, etc etc - they come and they immediately start the domination. If you can put some names here really turned out to be failures - that's not "Premier league" thing, that's the particular player's fault. There is only one British type of player to have some influence on the League since Rooney - Kane. And he's won jack, so its still questionable his so-called influence. So please stop it... Players from Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal - they have absolutely, positively no problems to come and dominate. Premier League hasn't been Premier League for more than 10 years. It's 2020 and it's unbelievable most of you guys are still buying this sh*t. It sounds cute, but it's a bona fide pile of poop.
  5. He really is sort of useless in terms of creating chances or scoring them lately. But his contribution to the ball movement and pressing is still important to this team. I don't know, maybe put him in the center next to Jorginho or Kante? I'd love to see him alongside N'golo, who is in his natural DM position... this would be a very high pace, dominant mid lane. But in front, creating chances, consuming them? That's not his game.
  6. I can see easily some talents replicating Lingard and Dele Ali, I just hope they are not here by the time people turn against them.
  7. No one is paying more than 30 millions. And we are talking about his value probably right now. Not sure if he could keep it this high by the end of the season.
  8. Let alone Fabianski, honestly, I'd have Ben Foster right now.
  9. I've been talking about his game lacking saves for a very long time, now all of a sudden, everybody's citing the stats.
  10. We've got great home ground youth core to finish the game in Mount, Barkley and CHO behind Tammy. I hope I never remember these 30 minutes. Yeap, bring in the lacking pace Spaniard Isco please.
  11. Batschuayi and Barkley... can't stand them. Show some regrets, punks.
  12. This team has one player that can score goals and he is in bad shape.
  13. So many players scared to shoot the ball, man. It's pathetic.
  14. Who is training them headers? Should be fired if there's such person. Don't trust this D. Ain't gonna be a clean sheet, for sure. We should bang some more goals. Emerson is a fool, he will get second, most likely.

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