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  1. Pulisic can also get the job done. Better not to risk. But yeah, Willian and Pedro together on the pitch is not acceptable.
  2. Pedro has been dogs**t most of the time he's played for us in terms of consistency. Not a good passer, too many mistakes, not a good dribbler anymore, he is getting outrunned by anyone. But.. he is banging goals, especially in those matches. Willian has never been a leader, he never decided anything. I can't think of any, he might have scored some goals, I don't remember. Pedro? Goals against United first goal for 4-0, Tottenham equalizer, Arsenal in Europa League final, Arsenal for 3-2 victory, Everton away to secure the title... probably there are more. He is just that type of player that you need on the pitch. Like Drogba.
  3. 2-0 Chelsea. Willian before Pedro? Come on now, I prefer the player with champions league finals goals and numerous other important goals, including for Chelsea. Willian is nowhere to be found for such occasion.
  4. Franki needs to make some adjustments for the home games. We've played 3 significantly weaker opponents on paper and we packed only 2 points. Away we should have beaten United, we destroyed the good sides of Norwich and Wolves and could have beat the dippers. We played lots of different formations and rotate a lot of players, except for our midfield. Kovacic is the obvious answer at the moment for that kind of games.
  5. Please be ok, please be ok...
  6. Tough one. And it's between Mason and Tammy. They are already the two most important players for the team and they are gathering points. We've never seen that from CHO and Ruben. They alluded they might, but they haven't. Tammy to me. He is not only banging a huge amount of goals, his link up with the others is a world class, Giroud level. Tammy Abraham is a fast version of Giroud that can score goals. He is potential top 5 in the world.
  7. He is a talented player obviously but not reliable, nor calm or free from mistakes. I'm afraid this might never change, lots of examples out there of players like that. But.. in 3-men formation in defense he might look well. If two other players are around and look to protect his disorientation and cover his back, he might shine again. Let's not throw him under the bus yet.
  8. And I, even when the ball is in Tammy or Mason, am glaring anxiously at Zouma.
  9. Glad we keep the faith in this lad. Very precise, calm and complex defender. Reminds me of Carvalho. Hope he gets to that level soon.
  10. Good lord, we need Rudi. Zouma played well, yet he is not Antonio. 4-0 and I'm nervous because Mount didn't score. His presence there was intimidating. You remember minute 30 or something, right before our goals. One of the wolves tried a very risky tackle in front of Kepa with his foot raised to his head and Rudi was there to trash talk/demand an explanation. Things like that matter. Amazing performance by Abraham. Mount and Willian very good without the ball. Even Barkley and Batsman played well.
  11. With Rudiger back, Zouma dropped, Tomori in and Mount given the freedom to go wherever is needed and not stuck in the wing, my optimism suddenly arose. 0-2 Chelsea and our first rock solid performance as a big team.
  12. You may laughing at stats but I surely watch the games and Jorginho's lack of passing creativity is there no matter the cliches you keep repeating. How on Earth are you blaming the strikers for his zero assists. He's fed no more than 3 times Giroud or Higuain last season. Always too short or too long, never found them.
  13. Yeah, you act very cool but i deciced not to ignore 0 assists and 6 big chances created in 42 games right next to his name.
  14. Too long or too short attempts are not part of my definition of creativity.
  15. The problem is Jorginho is not creative at all. In one single match Fabregas was able to complete more dangerous passes than Jorginho in an entire season.

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