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  1. Hammers were good, especially end of first half. Liverpool were lucky against Leicester, albeit very bad conditions. Mane looks sharp but no one else looks threatening.
  2. Liverpool struggling on scoring... does Klopp not have a plan B. Very flat
  3. West Ham look the better team... there should be more goals for West Ham liverpool look poor
  4. Ah ok... cheers. I bought away kits which were a few seasons old, and they were pretty cheap. I'll keep an eye out at the end of season.
  5. When is the best time for buying gear from the Chelsea Shop? Kits are on sale now. But do kits become even cheaper once the season is over/new season kits are out? I bought some for my son two years ago, but he has outgrown his current one.
  6. I want to bring my son to watch some games. I would prefer seats which are preferably family friendly for my younger son. Thanks in advance
  7. what is the new series of true detective like? anyone watching?

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