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  1. I've seen too many people losing their heads about Frank not being cut out for the elite level already. Sir Alex lost his first game with United to Oxford - he wasn't under a transfer embargo then and Oxford hadn't spent £150m on new signings that year. Obviously we made mistakes all over the pitch but the scoreline definitely doesn't reflect much about the game. I thought their 2nd and 4th goals were lucky to stand, especially the last one with Maguire even waving at the ref to stop the game for Zouma's injury. Yeah we're missing Rudiger and Kante isn't fit, but give the team a chance to adapt. If we start turning on our individual players like Zouma, he'll be under even more pressure to succeed and will crumble. Not what you want from your supporters, look where Arsenal are after 15 years of slagging off their own squad. Thought it was great the travelling fans cheered off Frank and the playerss went over to them too. The connection between players/manager and fans is not something to take for granted.
  2. Hello all, I've been following Chels for as long as I remember as my dad said it was that or adoption. I was young when Roman came along so I've always been grouped in the bandwagon, but some of my fondest memories of the club involve Desailly, Hasselbaink, Zola and Gronkjaer (!). Legend has it that my dad was close to naming me Gianfranco but settled for an anglicism of Di Matteo. I've been to numerous games over the years, dad works Saturdays and we live outside London so my opportunities were limited but as he nears retirement we intend to go far more, home and (fingers crossed) away. My first ever game live was Southampton in Aug 04, when James Beattie lobbed Cech after 9 seconds. Other highlights were being in the Shed when Meireles scored that goal against Benfica, FA Cup final 2012 and Deco's debut wondergoal (Pompey 08). Joined the forum to follow the gossip, complain about the Virtual Waiting Room, and to find out what the last line of Carefree actually is...

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