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  1. John Brooks is pretty damn good.
  2. Ok, Deuchebag: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelsea-make-decision-11-players-24237508
  3. Here you go, Sherlock: https://www.football.london/chelsea-fc/transfer-news/chelsea-transfer-windfall-decision-players-20725933
  4. Reports out of London are that Chelsea are trying to unload 11 players now - with Pulisic being the marquee player in that group. Seems I might not be too far off on my thoughts after all.
  5. Biggest games, he rode the bench. Sorry, doesn't cut it.
  6. Agreed. But Americans don't feel that Havertz or Werner is better. But they ARE German. And Pulisic isn't. And believe me, if Pulisic has a choice of being a fulltime starter at a Tottenham, or seeing 20 minutes of mop up duty at the end of a game where he is played as the lone striker going against four defenders because Chelsea is trying to run out the clock like today, or is playing on the right side as a team has packed all 10 guys in the box like we saw against Aston Villa, Pulisic would probably want to start. If he plays the first half today with how wide open MC back line was, he would have had a field day.
  7. Are you an American? Because you don't understand the mindset over here at all. No way in hell he acquiesces to a sub role. Way too much at stake to be visual to America on a consistent basis. And, if your ass is on the bench watching Werner pull w**ker after w**ker but being a Tuchel favorite, it is time to go. There are other great clubs that run a different scheme, where Pulisic can actually play his best position, and florish.
  8. Or, you go somewhere where your talents are respected and you are viewed at more than a "super sub."
  9. Agreed. And I don't see Tuchel switching up a formula that just won the CL final. You guys know Chelsea is going to sign a striker. That happens, and Tuchel sticks with this scheme, then you got Mount, Werner, Havertz and Pulisic playing wide. And, right now, Pulisic is number four of those four. Sorry, just think, for his career and needing to take advantage of being the best player in US history, which he is RIGHT NOW, he needs to be starting on a regular basis. Again, strictly speaking as an American, he is a much more attractive icon here as a starter. And I understand, and respect, that you guys dont give a crap about that, but those thoughts will play a factor in what Pulisic does.
  10. He didn't start any of the big games down the home stretch. He literally has the weight of the US on his shoulders. Americans don't want a their best player to be labeled a super sub. Just being honest. Unless things change drastically, Pulisic will go where he can be the man and not have to wonder week to week where he stands. Tuchel played him out of position most of the year - he is a LEFT winger. Tuchel had him exclusively on the right, and today up top??Why stay as a sub who is played out of his best position constantly when you can go elsewhere, play your best position, and start?
  11. Going to be a lot of pressure from American public for him to leave. America doesn't want its best soccer player being a sub. Personally, this system does not fit him at all. Chelsea will sign a striker, pushing Werner out wide - no way Tuchel benches his boy. So, it will be a new striker, Mount, and Werner up front. Writing is on the wall. Time to get out.
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