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  1. To sell Torres so cheaply is only a good idea if we actually get Cavani. Worst case scenario for me is we let Torres go only to replace him with another flop Rooney, then we will be paying an extra £90k a week in wages for Rooney :-(
  2. I'd be delighted to sell Ba to anyone!! Not a Chelsea player IMO. Not good enough and doesn't seem right at the club. Moses, I'd sell him too. I never did get him signing for us. I think RDM was a big fan and Roman just allowed him to make one signing!! He's young but unlikely to be a regular for CFC, so bench warming will stall his development, selling him to Everton would be fine IMO.
  3. Must admit he's super HOT!! Although like him better with his longer blond hair and an alice band!
  4. LOL It would KILL the bitter Goons hearts!!!!
  5. Cesc Fabregas? According to the papers Fabregas might be put up for sale by Barca. United and City are said to be interested, should we be? I think yes, he's a fantastic player who can put in some incredible passes from a deep lying play maker position, exactly what we are lacking.
  6. Sentimental reasons and to placate their fans at the loss of Falcao?
  7. That is what I hoped would happen, especially now Atleti is in the CL. Torres would be their main striker. £30m + Torres for Falcao, I thought would be a fair deal, taking into account his massive wages.
  8. At striker position is where we really need to invest the increase in money the EPL TV rights are going to bring in next season. Torres works hard sometimes but it's just not happening for him at Chelsea and I don't think it ever will, plus his wages a very high and a big drain for what we are getting in return. Torres & £20m for Falcao or Cavani would be a great deal for us. Ba IMO is just meh. He's mediocre. Scored a few goals but never looked top class or that he belongs at a club as big as Chelsea. Has quite a few times embarrassingly missed when he should have scored. I never want
  9. Great, so we will have Ba and someone we've never heard of, playing for a club the equivalent of Wigan, who has hardly set the world alight. Chelsea need a world class striker, not more mediocrity FFS!! :(
  10. If Atleti want Torres back, they can't afford Torres and Falcao's wages at the same time. If we were to let Torres go and not get Falcao but get someone like Schurrle instead, we won't ever get Falcao because the club is not going to buy Ba, Schurrle, Falcao and have Lukaku back in the summer. If Torres goes this window, it's a case of getting Falcao now or never. I really think he's the missing piece of the jigsaw for Chelsea domination. Ba is a good journeyman striker but he's not world class, he's not on Falcao's level.
  11. FCUK if this is true, Roman seriously wants to make it up to us, for hiring Rafa LOL! Sadly it's probably some dickheads playing with Chelsea fans emotions :(
  12. If true that's really disgusting. No need to humiliate someone like that, he got the message at the game against Swansea. Although Torres transfer to Chelsea has not worked out for him or for us, there is no doubt he has been under enormous pressure the whole time he's been here. The relentless media negativity and focus, combined with his huge transfer fee and poor form has, I believe, conspired against him. I don't think he's a strong character, in the way of a 'typical Chelsea player', and I think of Drogba, Terry, Lampard, when I use that phrase. Mentally and outwardly strong, by all accou
  13. The problem with booing, is it undermines the players confidence and the media will have a field day reporting how fans have turned on Torres and it just escalates into 'crisis at Chelsea' negativity, all the time!
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