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Chelsea Quiz 16 Results


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I predict a little grinding, and maybe the odd gnashing, of teeth over the results this week. The 'official' answer to questions 3 and 5 are a tad debatable and so in the interest of fairness I have decided my original answers were right and 'yah boo sucks to you' to anyone who doesn't agree. That, my friends, is the kind of strong leadership that keeps a country running.

So to the 'official and not up for debate' answers.

1. The famous Chelsea weather vane, considered a good luck charm, was first placed on top of the East Stand, then moved to the West Stand before returning to its rightful place on the East Stand. Who is the player depicted on it? (2 points)

George Hilsdon

2. Five ex players have won gold medals at the Olympic games - name four –a point for each. (4 points)

Celestine Babayaro (1996) Albert Ferrer (92), Geremi (00), Dimitri Kharine (88), Vivian Woodward (1912)

3. Other than football Stamford Bridge has been used to house a further six sports on something more than a one off basic – a point for each sport. (To be clear I am not including anything which was a once or twice exhibition event – these are sports which were held at the Bridge on at least 9 or 10 occasions) (6 points)

Athletics, baseball. Speedway/cinder track racing, dog racing, motor car racing (midget), cricket or American football (you needed 6 from the 7)

4. Which of our current team made his professional first team debut as a striker in the same game that Jermaine Pennant made his debut (2 points).

Ashley Cole

5. Five Chelsea players have appeared in the PFA Divisional Team of the Year on at least two occasions. A point for each one you can name and for a bonus point which of those two have appeared in it three times (6 points)

Kerry Dixon, Andy Townsend, Frank Lampard, John Terry, William Gallas (JT and Lampard for bonus)

Top of the class performances from moi and Geezer


And the overall standings


Note that midlandblue will fall off the table if he doesn't submit answers next week.

Quiz 17 will be posted in a matter of 21 seconds

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