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Frank Arnesen


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Reading today on Jose's wikipedia page, it cited tension between Jose and Arnesen as a contributing factor in that debacle.

Outside of that, im not sure why Arnesen should get stick. He has signed and brought in very good young players, and we have a few more that might be on course for the first team. Its not his fault they havent been played/entertained by the club up until this point in time

I knew we were never going to get the next Ronaldo, but to be fair in a short amount of time he hasnt done too badly. Mancienne, Stoch, Di Santo and Kakuta should be first teamers at this point, imo.

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Yeah I really don't get the Arnesen hate either. Some people are even lumping him in the same bracket as Kenyon!

The guy came into to essentially create our youth set-up. Not fine tune it, not give it a bit of spit and polish, but to bring some sort of order and progression to a system that barely existed.

And that takes time!

For the first time since JT we actually have a few young players in Mancienne, Stoch and Kakuta who might, just might make it, and several other promising lads, so given where we've come from, I reckon that isn't a bad return so far. I'm sure mistakes have been made, but if you look at how things were but 5 years ago, and how they are now, we've taken a huge, huge step in the right direction.

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Although we dont get to see arnesen actually doin alot he must be doin something right as the likes of stoch and di santo should be part of the first team set up which previous youth players apart from JT and maybe Carlton Cole have never really proven to be premiership quality. Stoch is blindin little player hope the new manager whoever they may be should take more of a look at him rather than last 5 mins in cup games

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Arnesen - cost us £8m in compo - we gave Spurs Carlo for nothing

This clubs been run like a circus for a while!

the two occurances have absolutely nothing to do with each other. i dont see your reasoning there...

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