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Didn't Anelka want 4-4-2?


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I wonder if he knows what he wants :huh:

Nicolas Anelka: Chelsea Should Keep Didier Drogba Benched

The Frenchman believes new boss Guus Hiddink should start with the foundations initially built by Luiz Felipe Scolari and that means keeping faith with one lone striker...

20 Feb 2009 17:51:26

Nicolas Anelka is Chelsea's most efficient attacker this season and is on his way to winning the Premier League's Golden Boot as he tops the goal-scoring charts with 14 strikes.

His recent triple over Watford in the FA Cup has only aided his cause for continued first-team football as new manager Guus Hiddink was watching on from the crowd and will no doubt have made a mental note of the Frenchman's productiveness.

Anelka believes Hiddink should stay true to the foundations laid by Luiz Felipe Scolari and is quoted by Sky Sports as having said, "Everyone is asking what attack Guus Hiddink is going to put out for his first league match in charge.

"Well it would surprise me if, with Drogba, we play two up front.

"The coach has to start from the foundations put in place by Scolari," he insisted.

Regarding the success that a temporary Hiddink tenure could bring, Anelka added, "Guus Hiddink's arrival could bring us something. He is stepping in at a vital moment.

"Already in training things have changed. We're working more on the speed of the attack with more dynamic play. We're working on managing to throw ourselves forward more quickly.â€

Chelsea travel to Aston Villa on Saturday.

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Ahh, I can see why you left it off the article now :D

Don't listen to it Guus, play the pair!

Sussed :huh:

Oh yeah and Chipolata...only my Missus calls me that :D don't know why.

Its also on that other reliable site http://www.football365.com/story/0,17033,8...4951443,00.html

And this one http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/...p;TEAMHD=soccer

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Nicolas Anelka: Chelsea Should Keep Didier Drogba Benched

f**king f**king f**k that f**king site.

Where the f**k did Anelka say that Drogba should be benched?

/rips hair out

Media. Blowing things out of all proportion?

I simply will not hear of it!

In fairness, we can get the following headline from the story 'Anelka: Drogba Isn't a Good Enough Goalscorer'....

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