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Whoda Thunk It?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Steven Gerrard back for the Madrid game.

But not fit enough (yet again) for his England duty.

The act is getting old now. All these quick come backs from injuries that ruled you out of England games and then back in no time for Liverpool. Was he ever going to miss the Madrid match? No. Was he ever going to play in the England one? No.

I'm sure he'll be fit for the World Cup if we qualify. If you can't be arsed to fight or play for the country anymore Stevnes just follow Carjacker and Scholes' lead and become quitters/bottlers at a National level.

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Was thinking exactly the same thing Gem. It's very convenient how often his 'injuries' clear up just in time for a 'heroic' appearance in a glamorous game. How lucky for him, and all his beloved fans.

Where was he on Sunday when his team needed their saviour? Guess City at home isn't a big enough a game to recover for, but unfortunately for him it has put a HUGE dent in their title challenge....

Weasel faced bottle job.

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"Heroic appearance" - thats exactly the image I was trying to convey in my post... Its like, this is the game he can make himself a hero in (duh). England against Spain in a friendly? Who will remember that? But they'll remember Madrid. Its when you do it week in and week out, not just for the big games.

Here's hoping Robben tears him a new one.

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People are starting to notice this about him more and more: diving, terrible attitude, club before country, lack of committment when the spotlight isnt on him, etc etc etc, to say nothing of his impending legal troubles

Gerrard is being found out for the little toerag he is. And it is my sincere belief that a man as astute as Fabio Capello can see him for what he is. If you arent there for the qualifiers, what makes you think you should be there for the big show? I hope England find some kind of flow in midfield and he is left out all together, or better yet, stuck unused on the bench. Surely he has got to realize that between Lampard (goals, energy) Carrick (vision, passing) and Barry (workrate, balance) he has got everything he would need to cobble a decent central midfield outside of 50 yard hollywood shots taken in minute 90+3

Also, I think alot of his future is hinging on the result of this season for his club. If/when they fail to win the league yet again, I think Benitez is gone, and new manager and project is in to rebuild. Carragher will probably stay, but we have seen Stevie Me can be tempted with enough pound signs in the past. Money + a team that clearly won win will probably spell him being off in the summer, maybe to City, maybe to a big continental club. Cue shirt burnings

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