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Ron "Chopper" Harris Charity World Record Attempt


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Many Football fans will know that I work closely with the charity Downs South London. As a proud patron of the charity I wanted to do something a bit different that can involve everybody and have lots of fun along the way especially as one of the greatest honours I have in being associated with Chelsea FC is the fact that I get to meet so many loyal fans every week. With this in mind I have come up with a really exciting idea along with a good friend of mine David Knight from 60 minutes with… to set a new world record for the most amount of autographs signed within a 12 month period. This world record attempt will hopefully help us support such a worthwhile cause whilst also giving me the opportunity to get up and down the country and meet as many football fans as possible at various signing sessions and events that will be taking place over the next twelve months. We have set up this just giving page should you wish to be kind enough to donate something towards our adventure. However should you wish to also help us set the new world record then you can purchase a signed photo from www.chopperharris.com that will count towards the final total and also help support Down's South London.

I appreciate your time in reading about our project and thank you even more so for getting involved in advance. Yours in football

Ron “Chopper†Harris

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Well no, you can also do a little background checking:

Soft Power Education has teamed up with www.justgiving.com to make your fundraising as simple as 1 2 3.

Then you can check up on softpowereducation.com.

It shouldn't be too difficult to check whether their Charity Registration No - 1123045 - is genuine. And of course loz and Mod can check up on the email address and IP used during registration.

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Funnily enough I was just int he process of doing that on the Charities COmmission page

1123045 is the charity number for DOWN'S SOUTH LONDON which is the one quoted ont he page.

The e-mail address is for someone with the surname harris (girls first name) and with the number 78 on the end.

Forgive my cynicism - just don't want to see anyone ripped off.

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No of course not. And my good luck wishes were of course dependent on the site and so on being genuine. There is one fail safe way to find out, and that's to contact DOWN'S SOUTH LONDON, who unless I'm very much mistaken, are a 100% genuine charity. You can find their phone number easily enough. Also I think I know the female name ending with 78 - begins with a "C" as mentioned here:


Clicking "My Web Page" from the above link takes you to


which is the same page referenced on justgiving.com

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