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Plagiarism thy name is NOTW.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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After weeks of drival from the Sunday papers, it's refreshing that the JT to Citeh story isn't the main billing, but does this headline look familar?:




EVERTON defender Joleon Lescott will force through a £22million switch to Manchester City by handing in a transfer request.

Lescott has informed Goodison boss David Moyes in four separate meetings of his desire to talk to City boss Mark Hughes. But after successive bids were rejected by the Merseysiders, the England international now recognises the only way to seal a deal is to go public.


A formal written transfer request is already being prepared and is likely to be made this week. Everton dismissed a second bid worth £19m for the 26-year-old in midweek.

They are adamant they won't negotiate with City until Lescott goes public. Chairman Bill Kenwright is prepared to sit tight for as much as £30m for the defender.

But he knows a transfer request from Lescott will alter the landscape and force further negotiations with City. In those circumstances, a City bid of around £22m is likely to get Hughes his man.

Moyes will also make a £4m bid for Arsenal's Phillipe Senderos, although the Goodison boss insists the Gunners' defender is not a replacement for Lescott. He needs cover for long-term injury absentee Phil Jagielka.


I'm afraid I don't have the original article, but from memory (not just the NOTW articles), I can only conceive they have amended the name and football club in the above article.

Terry would force a move

Lescott will force a move

Terry's articles had no quotes

Lescott's article has no quotes

Chelsea owner holding out for higher bid

Everton chairman holding out for higher bid

Terry demanded talks with Hughes

Lescott has demanded talk with Hughes

Chelsea wouldn't negotiate unless Terry went public

Everton won't negotiate unless Lescott goes public

Possible (crapper) replacements for Terry named at the end

Possible (crapper, although not as much) replacements for Lescott named at the end.

It'll be Carragher next week, although they won't have many crapper players than him to suggest for replacement. I don't rate Lescott, Jagielka for me is much better, but I hope if he does go, Everton get some cash and buy theirs elves a better centre half.

Whoever wrote the JT article needs to sue for down right plagiarism.

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Not surprising in the least. Moyes, Neville and others could not be more unequivocal about Lescott and what they think of City's bids, yet somehow these outside idiots have the inside scoop, despite offering no proof?

Its funny to see City pissing off a second English club this summer. I dont really understand the whole Lescott thing. Are they worried about 6+5? They have plenty of English talent. Surely 20+ million can buy them a better and younger defender than Lescott (no insult to him, btw)

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