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ancelotti admits zola mistake


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i think this is really interesting. it tells me ancelotti can learn from his mistakes and is also willing to change the system if he thinks its necessary. it's from sky after the latest we're not signing anyone story.

Zola mistake

The Chelsea manager is currently preparing for Sunday's London derby at West Ham, where he will pit his wits against Gianfranco Zola.

Ancelotti worked with Zola during his time in charge of Parma but he could not find a regular place for the younger Italian in his team.

Zola was a 'square peg' in Ancelotti's rigid system and quit Parma for Chelsea, where he went on to play over 300 games and become a legend at Stamford Bridge.

"Probably I made a mistake with him because I wanted to play 4-4-2 and I put the players in the right positions but he wanted to stay in the centre like a striker," Ancelotti admitted.

"In that period, when there was this discussion, Chelsea offered him a good contract and he decided to go.

"I think it was a mistake. It was my first experience in Serie A and I was not able to change the system.

"I preferred to maintain the system that I knew well. For this, Gianfranco had a different decision to make. But a lot of time has passed since and now we have a good relationship.

"He would probably not have gone to Chelsea if I had changed the system, but he had a wonderful experience here at Chelsea and all the fans here remember his performances."


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Ancelotti, the current Chelsea manager, was Parma coach 13 years ago when he agreed to offload Zola, who was short on confidence after playing a key role in Italy's early departure from the European Championships that year.

Zola moved to Chelsea for £4.5million and his career was rejuvenated, the forward going on to become a Blues legend in his seven years at the club.

Zola is currently experiencing difficult times as Spammers boss, with the club second from bottom heading into the weekend, but it is nothing compared to the miserable spell he endured in his last few months at Parma under Ancelotti.

"It was the lowest point of my career," Zola said.

"Euro 96 was a big blow for me. I invested so much emotionally in that experience and it did not go very well. It affected me a lot.

"Carlo was very good to me but it was just me - I could not find a way to react. I wanted to have another experience so I don't blame him. It just happened.

"I was going through a bad time, the Chelsea opportunity came and it proved to be one of the best choices in my career :JC_doubledown:

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