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Finally, a cool ref


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got this of football365.com and its brilliant. especially as its that f**king prick savage on the end of it.

Here's something Mediawatch never thought it would write; We have a new favourite referee.

His name? Jon Moss. And why has he tickled our fancy? Over to Robbie Savage's column in The Daily Mirror for the explanation:

'Earlier in the campaign he gave Adam Johnson, then with Middlesbrough, a penalty against us. I thought he'd made a mistake and said so. The ref put both hands up to the sides of his head in a look of mock agony, said "I got it wrong, wow" in a sarcastic voice and trotted off happily.

'I thought that was a bit weird, but even more bizarre was his reaction on Saturday when we got a free-kick and Ipswich broke the wall before the kick was taken and blocked the ball away easily.

'I caught up with Moss to complain and said, "that was never 10 yards". He replied: "No, it was more like four. Fell for that one, didn't you? Na-na-na-na-na." And ran off again.'

What a guy.


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