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Afternoon all,

A few of you are bound to have come across this tool but for those who have not... Welcome to the world of archive internet web pages. http://web.archive.org/ otherwise known as 'Wayback Machine' is a tool which allows you to look through the history of a website based on a timeline which has been recorded by the archive software. I use it alot for my actual job but I though I would try it out on a few Chelsea websites to see if they are as I remember them. Have a look for yourself and see if you can remember the pages as they were. I've demonstrated here with a few screenshots of the official website but it should work for any forum or other Chelsea related website you can think of.



I know its a bit random but still its decent if your looking for some old reports etc.



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Fantastic. Had a great nostalgic time looking through various pages and then researching lots of our ex players. Its a shame to see so many of our promising ex youth/reserve players fading badly after leaving Chelsea. When you see players like Sebastian Kneissl (who had played at every level for Germany by the time he signed for us) now playing in the 6th level of the German league, i cant help but think that signing for chelsea ruined what could have been a great career.

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