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Fans of the Future


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This is a transcript of a conversation I had with the Box Office the other day

Me : " Hi I wonder if you could help me both myself my husband my father and my father in law are Season Ticket Holders and I wanted to know how my Husband can move from the MHL to the Family Stand so my Son can get a ST and they can sit together

BO : " Is he a member and has he accumulated lots of points "

Me : " No he can't be as we are all ST holders and as he is only 9 I can't let him sit on his own"

BO : " Oh sorry but he needs to be a member with points to apply for a ST"

Me " How does he do that then as I've just explained"

BO : Sorry don't know do you know anyone that can take him as a member so he can get points next season!!!

Me ??? NO as I just explained we are all ST already- should I ask a random stranger perhaps???

BO : NOthing we can do then as no ST holders are allowed to move only for medical conditions

Me : " So how do you expect children of the future of current ST Holders for between 14-40 years can become fans then - or aren't you that bothered about loyalty"

BO " Well we would normally expect you to apply as a group together"

Me " Yes but son is only 9 and I have had my ST since 1997 my Husband 1994 and my father in law since the 60's- surely there is someone higher up who I can talk to about this - as this doesn't fit into your one shoe fits all scenario"

Bo " I'll go ask my supervisor"


BO " He can't speak to you but says send the general email address an email stating what you've told me and he'll have a look at it if he can - but I don't think there is anything we can do

Yeah thanks Chelsea much bloody help there

So I am expected only to become a ST holder when my child is old enough to want to go or I should be a totally irresponsible parent and let him sit on his own in a diff stand possibly so he can build up enough loyalty points of his own - but then once he has got 90+ points has no one to sit with as they won't let any of us move to the Family Stand in the first place

and therefore he can't have a ST anyway

Honestly you couldn't make it up

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Hi, I found this on the club charter, it may be worth following the procedure and see if you can get someone with common sense to help you out:

9.2. If a customer is not satisfied with the immediate response, or if the issue is more complex, put the complaint in writing, either by email to customer.services@chelseafc.com or by letter to Customer Services, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS.

Once the letter or email has arrived with our Customer Service Coordinator a confirmation email will be sent to the customer within 48 hours to confirm the complaint has been logged and a reference number will be given. The logged complaint will then be passed to the relevant department to be dealt with direct with the customer.

9.3. Chelsea will use its best endeavours to respond to a written complaint within 14 days from receipt of the complaint. If it is felt the complaint cannot be resolved within that time, an acknowledgement of the communication will be made as an interim measure.

9.4. If you are still not satisfied with the response, you can contact the FA Premier League, whose charter can be found on www.premierleague.com. If you are still not satisfied the complaint should be forwarded to the Independent Football Commission. The IFC’s contact details can be found at www.theifc.co.uk or write to the IFC, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, TS1 3BA.


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Thanks Pudge you have sorted out my future issue... my daughter is only 1 :) .... but I really want to be taking her to games in the family stand hopefully when she is about 7/8/9 I think. Just because it has been family tradition for me I want her to see it the same way as me.

so I have got a few years and a lot could change, however now you have written this I am seriously considering writing now and saying, I want to move my two MHU tickets to family stand tickets can I go on some sort of list until two seats together become free.

this is assuming a renew my season tickets this year, 9 days to go and I am still wrestling with the decision

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