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Has English footy fallen for the tika-taka philosophy?

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Looking at the way things stand this season in particular it would seem that the majority of the EPL has gone for some form of tika-taka whether it be playing it from the back, defending and pressing with a high-line, the dependence on all out attack and the need for at least one diminiutivo.

Far from calling Arsenal Barca-lite it looks as if many of the league's major clubs have decided to to opt for the "we'll score one more than you" approach.

Look at teams such as yourself, usually built on being obstinate in defence and effective going forward, working ona tried and tested system that brought results and trophies, you're now seemingly being coaxed along another school of thought that says success has to be achieved with style.

Man Citeh have now ditched the nick-a-goal philosophy to play expansive, exciting football. And although the likes of Balotelli, Dzeko and Yaya are major players you cannot dismiss the Silva effect, who is at the forefront of this new vanguard.

Man U look decidely weaker at the back this term as they've decided defence is the best form of attack.

And Totteringham are reviving their age of Ardiles/Villa football.

How many clubs watched Barca deconstruct ManU last May (destroying Arsenal along the way) and thought "we must adopt the tika-taka approach". Add to that the Spanish national team's dominance at Senior and U21 levels and one can argue their school of footy is forcing the rest of the world to take note.

Maybe you agree in part, maybe you think it's poppycock, and maybe you think it's just a coincidence we're seeing so many bizarre scorelines aided by error strewn high defensive lines but, I reckon someway in some form we've become consumed by the tika-taka.

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Hey, first post here.

I do agree with you, but I don't think it's a case of opting for the switch, it's a case of adapt or get left behind (imo).

We got a lot of stick last year for our defensive displays but I think most people would agree that you can't really build a winning side without having a solid defence that understand each other, how each other play and who will cover who when certain situations arise. Mancini, having drilled all this information in to each players head has basically just taken the break off, there were glimpses of the end product last year that those of us who watched every game, could see that was what he was working towards.

I just hope that AVB is given the time at Chelsea to implement his tactics, strategies and is given the backing of RA to rejuvenate what is an ageing squad with incompatible players for the system that he wants, but like Mancini, you can see what he wants the end product too be. A lot of teams are working towards the "finished product". Primarly being City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. You can see what they want to do, but they aren't there just yet, all playing different systems that need tweaks here and there.

Anyway, I'm rambling and I need to get back to work!

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None of these teams play like Barcelona, Barcelona still would comfortably dismantle any Premier League side.

Tiki-taka is being bar stewardised by English pundits who like to slap a catchy label onto anything remotely foreign and attractive ie. anything that isn't long balls and crosses directed to a big guy up front. The English media just don't do subtlety.

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