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Chelsea - Stoke confirmed on Sat. March 10th? (please close)


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Hi, everyone

Like the title says, a friend and I are going to London between March 7th and March 11th. We wanted to see a Premier League match so badly;

Firstly, our chice was Arsenal-Newcastle, but we got f**ked up by the fixtures (match delayed on Monday). I've already been in Stamford when I was young, and I remembered about the atmosphere here.

So we ordered two tickets for the Chelsea-Stoke City which is supposed to take place on Saturday,march 10th.

Is the game confirmed for this date or has it a chance to be delayed too? (don't wanna be f**ked up a second time)

I also want to know if there will be signings (I heard from the website that Mata,Hilario are making an appearence at the store on February)

Thanks for your help

Sébastien, a french fan

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Hi there, I've actually just bought tickets for the same game!

Highly doubt it will get moved from 3pm Saturday as Sky have already chosen the City and Spurs fixtures which are at a later date. Only reason it would change would be the weather and it won't be likely to snow at that time.

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