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Just how hard is it to get away tickets this season?


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After investing in a membership for the first time this season and going to Wigan on the opening day, I have been hopeful to getting to some away games. But it seems even with a membership it is nigh on impossible to get tickets! I attempted to buy tickets for WBA away yesterday morning, I got on at 5 past 7, got stuck in a queue (due to high traffic) and when I got on 15 minutes later they were all sold out!

Do any of you find it much harder to get away tickets this season than other seasons, or has it always been this way?

Also, I know it is a very, very, very long shot but does anyone happen to have 1 spare for WBA? I completely understand if people don't trust me because I am not a regular.

Hope to be posting round here more often!

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Always been this way. If you think it's bad now you should have tried 3-4 years ago when there was no loyalty point restriction for ANY away game, even Spurs, West Ham, United, Arsenal etc.

A few seasons ago I got on at about 7.05-7.10 and all tickets for Spurs away were sold out. That must be a record time.

QPR away last season had a demand of 25,000 from ST's and Members alone. In other words, we could have filled their ground over and then some.

A tactic I use that usually always works is to get in at about 6.55 and use separate tabs on separate web browsers. I find that the closer to 7am you get in the queue the quicker it is. I've logged in at 6am before and not got in till about 7.30 so earliest isn't always quickest.

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Away tickets are always hard to get nowadays. I normally get on to buy the tickets at about 6.45 and I have never failed to get them (though for Swansea away I got tickets at 7.08 and they were all gone by 7.10! I've done all the away so far and plan on doing nearly all of them which should be fun! I will keep a lookout to see if anyone else has a spare WBA ticket

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