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  1. I think that's sensible. But if these performances continue you never know. We are miles off at the minute. Definitely feels like we miss willian but hopefully once new players settle especially tiago I think we will improve.
  2. Sadly he didn't take anyone on on the left either. He clearly still has it in him as we saw previous game. Its early doors plenty of time to turn the corner. Second half they were just stronger on the ball than us.
  3. Too many goals week in week out looped to the back post. Has to be fixed by the manager.
  4. thought he outshone kova today..
  5. its early but a real promising performance
  6. Sadly failed to take his chance again. It took him to move to the left for us to make any progress up the right. puzzling.
  7. you want stats 2019-20 Prem Mount Matches - 38 Goals - 7 Assists - 5 CHO Matches - 30 Goals - 1 Assists - 5 Stats dont necessarilly mean much but...
  8. You need to take of the tinted specs then. Is mount on the wing perfect, NO is he a better option than CHO on recent form, Yes. Lets hope that changes tonight.
  9. Had a purple patch during Sarri's reign since then I think that injury has impacted him mentally. I really dont see him coming back. Moving on maybe the only way he removes that block.
  10. lol no. First half was the worst for me letting them play their game was driving me mad
  11. Thought he played OK. Don't get many players hit the ground running like werner
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