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  1. Why do you think that is. Maybe its because for half the game we played without a striker. For the other half giroud should have been on.
  2. No accounting for a striker that doesn't look bothered and a center back who falls asleep.
  3. No one can do sh*t with a striker always on his heels.
  4. After that Leicester game I'll take anything that doesn't make me feel like I bent over in the shower.
  5. Didn't say it was good said it was an improvement.
  6. 0 :0 no one scored they came close once. To me thats an improvement of dross defending before hand.
  7. Lol. Last week they would have hit the bar everytime they got the ball.
  8. Not sure why the negativity. Looked far better without actually getting anything from the game. We created chances finally thank f**k. They (wolves)didn't really look like scoring. Recently everytime the opposition got the ball I felt they would score. Not sure why kai is getting so much sh*t thought he look really good in stints. But you cannot expect him to create anything if every f**ker is standing still, hopefully tuchel can beat that outta them.
  9. Its worse than that so many posts already want the new manager to fail. Support Chelsea, no reason you cannot support Frank in any future endeavours, but Frank is not Chelsea, and recent performances have been embarrassing. I think the club have it right again, the only time I think they got it wrong was Jose the first time.
  10. If you think yesterday was real positive change then God help us. Sad to see what was always a fairy story end, but he knew what he was getting into and to have one 70m investment fall apart (kepa) is one thing but then to see Warner and Kai going the same way along with results, I am actually surprised it took so long. Wish Frank all the best but its time to move on. We have looked clueless for too long.
  11. Felt like papering over the cracks rather than anything positive. Didn't really see anything click given the opposition and we still looked vulnerable. Got to feel for Werner but good to see him get angry rather than just his head going down.
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