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  1. Be more worried if I was a City Fan. Dominated the game but only won because of a lucky deflection. Their lack of a CF is glaring obvious. Think TT got it wrong today but he wll learn from it and TBH as long as he gets it right when it matters to me thats key. Thought Lukaku was poor today, his holding play and touch escaped him. He will get better.
  2. Scum couldn't even win after that shocking ref performance.
  3. Nope never just the mikel fan club.
  4. Best offensive player in an England shirt tonight. Kane, Sterling and Foden were woeful. Looking at sky's player scores they watched a different match, they gave Grealish higher than Mount. f**king clueless.
  5. Oh my god f**k YES Quite frankly I don't give a f**k we won't the f**king champions league. Legend
  6. Wow just seen the united goal now. VAR is broken.
  7. Don't think we need to change anything till last 10 unless momentum shifts.
  8. Just think that's all the bbc cameras focused on.
  9. WTF we bring giroud on is beyond me. He does not fit into our playstyle.
  10. It wasn't 50/50 other way its disallowed. Comeon the hand ball against Chelsea was from 2 feet be f**king consistent. No way the ref didn't see it was obvious.
  11. Meh, not putting our chances away cost us and a worldy assisted by hand ball.
  12. Bit flat sort of expected it with fa cup on Sunday. Maybe the kick up the ass we need before sat.
  13. Sterling dived was going nowhere so played for it.
  14. Clear push with his left hand on christensen.
  15. Lol sterling. He was going down before any touch on him diving idiot.
  16. Huh he was at full tilt jesus pushes him with his right hand shoulder fine but a push is a foul soft or not.
  17. We need to get back to what we did first 30. We can beat these if the ref does his job.
  18. Push on Christensen while he was at full stretch ignored by VAR.
  19. The problem isnt fixed but now everyone will be quiet. Back to the same cabal.
  20. Looks like we are pulling out, but honestly never saw what all the fuss was about.
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