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Sid Vicious

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I watched that programme on Sky 1 last night , focusing on the last hour of Sid Vicious life. Being a Pistols fan, my interest was huge and at the end i felt a lot of sympathy for the guy considering his upbringing his very young age and the carleless attitude of his mother. A heroine addict herself who later admitted ending Sid's life on the night in question by claiming to have put him out of his misery. Can you imagine anybody having a dirt bag like that as a mother. Most caring loving mothers seek help for their children .Sid Vicious was always going to die young , he had no real given talent apart from making himself look a complete w***er. He came across as a horrible individual but there was a side to the guy a lot didnt see. I read a book in the early 90's McClaren wrote , he revealed a lot of insecurities within John Ritchie[ Sid ] and always sought attention . He was obsessed with Lydon and wanted to be him .

A lot of people consider the arrival of Nancy into Sid's life was the beginning of the end . Maybe so , but if it wasnt her , it would have been somebody else . The sad thing about it all is that Sid Vicious will always be remembered for killing his girlfriend , although i cant think of anything else he could be remembered for but also sad that somebody so young had such a tragic end.

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Slightly off topic, but have you seen Lech Kowalski's documentary D.O.A. about British Punk. There's quite a bit of footage from The Pistols' US tour. Some of the material from that film has been used again in more recent films like The Filth and the Fury. It's quite raw and rough as it's an indie production, but I think it's well worth seeing for anyone who likes or is interested in that era and music. There's quite a bit of music in the film and not just short snippets. I thought it was great...I managed to see it at a film festival some years ago.

Come to think of it, they had other Kowalski films there too and if you're interested in Ramones, I think you might enjoy his most recent film Hey! Is Dee Dee Home? It focuses on Dee Dee and is basically an interview, but if you're a fan of the music, I think it's worth seeing. Not as good as D.O.A. in my opinion, but I found it more interesting than The End of the Century(a pretty recent documentary on Ramones), because Dee Dee is in good condition and looks more sharp in that film than usual.

Actually...just found a lot of the material from Hey! Is Dee Dee Home? on youtube. Not sure if they are really in the right order, but anyway:






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Damn Virgin Media! I woulda watched that if I still had Sky One! icon_mad.gif Ahh well... I thought Sid's upbringing was quite common knowledge... He had no control, no family to calm him down or stable friends to keep him grounded. And you're right, his obsessive nature was quite worrying, I think he just longed to belong.

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