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Good morning, folks!


I was raised in Brooklyn, NY. I watched only FIFA World Cup when I was a young kid. I didn't have any favorite football team. I rooted for Real because of Brazil's Ronaldo, Zidane and Guti. Zidane is my father's favorite player. Ronaldo is the main reason why I rooted for Real Madrid. He's my first favorite football athlete. Guti caught my eye when I watched Real game on a Spanish channel for the first time. After that game, I didn't watch any football game. I am more a baseball and basketball guy.


When I was a young teenager, I started following The Prem. Thanks to Fox Sports and NBC Sports channels. I wanted to select a team to support for the rest of my life. I was considering Man U and Arsenal. I felt like these teams don't suit me. I strongly dislike the Yankees. Man U remind me so much of the Yankees for some reasons. Not sure why I didn't pick Arsenal. Suppose it has something with the color red.


My cousin is a die hard Chelsea FC fan. When he and his family slept over my house, I joined my cousin watching Chelsea FC game on May 6, 2009. They played against Barcelona FC. I apologize if I brought a bad memory. I can't believe a referee didn't call a penalty four times. And yet Chelsea players didn't give up and played hard. For some reason, I fell in love with Chelsea team. I never forget the game that they beat Arsenal four days later. I started following CFC games after that. I tried my best to watch CFC games as much as I can. It's kinda tough when I live in the US plus I am not a morning guy.


I would like to learn more about Chelsea history. Any recommendations? A book about Chelsea history would be nice. Thank you for your timing! Go Chelsea! ::ChElSeaFLag::

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Welcome mate. I read a really good book about some of the past Chelsea legends. It's a really good book you can get on kindle called 'Cult Heroes' by Leo Moynihan. It must be available in the U.S. because I live here too. It's a really neat book that introduces you to some of the remarkable players we have had over the years. Hopefully that will give you a historical flavour of the club.

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