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Football results on Final Score.


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This made me laugh out loud just now.

I was on my PC with BBc1 on in the next room, so I could hear the results being read on Final Score. Like most people I spent my younger days watching the teleprinter and the 'classified check' on Grandstand every Saturday. The same bloke read the scores for years and years and never made a mistake.

There was a new bloke on today and he got to the West Ham- Everton score and went:

West Ham 1 Everton 1 - nil, quickly correcting himself.

Well, it was funny at the time. You had to be there.

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Irish guy reading out the results recently .

Waterford - 0

Chelsea - 1

When you don't even have to turn up to win the game - that's when you know you've got God on your side.

Either that or your bung was bigger than the other team's.

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