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End Of Season Review


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Firstly, have to say that securing UCL was massive! Making a cup final, signing Ziyech and Werner with more big names potentially joining soon as well.. All things are looking up!

But now getting onto the real crux of it, here we go...

The Youth:

We lost King Eden, couldn't sign any new players apart from Kovacic so we finally had to make great use of our youth academy with several players coming through. On the whole its impossible to argue that its been anything other than a success. Mount, Tammy, Tomori, Gilmour, CHO and Reece James were the most used and on the whole have been very good. However, its been also pretty clear that they need still have a long way to go and some, after an initial purple patch, have found their real level.

Tammy Abraham - Whilst he started well, towards the end really showed what he's about and he's not the player for me, championship/bottom half prem level at best. Just because he was lucky enough to score a couple easy goals doesnt mean he's good enough. Giroud for me is a much better option, and I think Lampard can see that by starting him over Tammy as of late.

Fikayo Tomori - Has had a strange season, his potential is there but a combination or injuries and silly mistakes early on limited his time, I hope to see more of him next season once we get rid of Christensen and Zouma.

Gilmour and Reece James - Similar tales for both of them. Were absolutely fantastic in certain games, but in other games showed their inexperience by getting bullied and not living upto their massive potential. Reece is definitely good enough still for me in an attacking sense, however I do have doubts about him defensively, but for sure I have confidence in him to improve big time in that area. Gilmour was also brilliant in a few games, but in other games was bullied and couldn't control the game, whereas Jorginho came on and relaxed us.

Hudson-Odoi - Showed flashes of his form last season, but then also shows himself to be lazy at times by not tracking back. He, like a couple others definitely has the potential to reach the top, but really needs to remove the stick from his ass and just start working hard. Next season I really hope to see more of him and if he doesn't improve anymore by this time next year then I would genuinely consider selling him.

Mason Mount - Probably most people's pick as our best youth player this season, and I'd have to agree. He's not the most talented youth player, or the best either. But in terms of effort he puts in and energy, he's just like our own Henderson. He's probably the only youth player also thats actually worked hard all season and continually tried to improve himself where players like CHO and Tammy have either got worse or just lazy. Whist he's not my favourite youth player and ceiling isn't too high, his hard work is appreciated, and he's actually pretty versatile as well. Would like for him to always play in midfield as he doesnt belong on the wings. There is also this weird relationship that Lampard has with him, treating him like his own son in some weird sense where Mount had several bad games int he middle of the season, but Lampard never dropped him? He just kept playing Mount no matter how bad the performances sometimes were (and they were really were quite bad sometimes). Im not saying I want Mount to play less next season, but bringing in new signings should definitely give him more time to rest instead of playing every single game.


The New Boys:

Pulisic and Kovacic - The only real "new" signings we could make and had this season, and well its fair to say they have both been our 2 best players this season. Kovacic has simply been class all season, rarely putting a foot wrong. I just really wish he had more of an eye for goal. His dribbling is almost Hazard-esque at times, especially the way he can get free from a sticky situation and he can make really good passes into the final 3rd. Just needs to learn to shoot sometimes instead of always taking the Hazard road and always trying to pass around the box.

Pulisic on the other hand, has the dribbling qualities of Hazard, and also a much better eye for goal. Not afraid to take shots which is something we have sorely missed ever since Lampard left as a player! Pulisic, especially since the restart has just been fantastic, im not sure what he was doing in the break but he really has stepped up his level, he will be very important for us next season. Front 3 of Pulisic-Werner-Ziyech just seems mouth watering.


The Attack:

Special mention for Giroud, has been sensational. He may not have the pace, but his footballing IQ has increased and is simply too important for us at the moment. It seems harsh to relegate him to 2nd choice when Werner comes in, but I would love for him to get plenty of game time again as he can definitely still do a job for us.

Sad to see Pedro leave, but it definitely is time especially with Ziyech coming in, and CHO getting more mins. Great servant!

Willian sometimes shows how excellent he can be, but other times is utterly dire. I think his time is up, and id rather him not hold us hostage for another 3 year contract which is utterly ludicrous. Time for us to cut ties and he can join elsewhere, but i am appreciative of what hes done for us over the years.


The Midfield:

Kante is well passed it in my opinion, far too injury prone and makes much more mistakes than he used to. Then again, he has those games where you just see why he's world class and one of the best in the world at what he does. In all honesty, if we get a good enough offer for him I would sell him to a PSG or Real Madrid for around 70m. Jorginho, whilst having great qualities just isnt really built for the premier league imo, hes just not physical enough and too weak. But certain games he does look world class at controlling tempo.

RLC is coming back from his injury and showing glimpses of his class. Really is a better version of Barkley in almost every way. Speaking of Barkley, definitely had some shockers early on in the season, but he improved in the middle and has been okay. If we can sell him, I definitely would.



The Defence.......

Where to start with this absolute trainwreck. I had hope in Kepa and defended him quite a lot throughout the season, but that Liverpool game really was the final straw, the guy is useless. 71m was awful and probably the worst piece of business we have done in a long time. Caballero is genuinely better. I heard someone say Kepa's shirt always looks so clean because he never attempts to dive for shots, and I've never heard anything more true.

Rudiger, Christensen and Zouma - All similar level, all similarly sh*t. Christensen was another like Kepa where I had high hopes and defended him, but this skinny little f**k just isn't built for the prem. Far too weak, and makes far too many terrible decisions. Need to sell him to another team in another league where he will probably thrive.  Rudiger has been shocking all season, the only reason I want him to stay is to help with Werner/Havertz and potentially any other young talented German's coming through... Aside from that he is a crap defender. Zouma has actually not been too bad, but he's definitely still not upto the level we need and we can improve.

Azpi is showing his age and next season im sure we will see even less of him with the emergence of RJ. RJ in a back 5 is also much better than when hes in a back 4, so really hope he steps up his defending as mentioned before. Alonso is similar, great in a back 5 and bombing forward, but when it comes to defending... Piss poor. Really need to sign Tagliafico imo, hes the perfect LB for us at the moment. Having Alonso/Tagliafico as LB options with RJ/Azpi as RB options is ideal.

Really need to sort this out if we want to win any trophies, because with this calamitous lot we won't be winning sh*t at the moment.



Werner and Ziyech already here, and Havertz on the way it seems. 3 sensational signings and we need more. Will definitely need to sell a couple more sh*t from our loans and 1st team, raise funds and just spend it on a few key positions and we are actually sorted!

We need a new GK, CB and LB and if we get all those, i'll be happy. Though I suppose its not going to be cheap to get Oblak, Skriniar/Koulibaly and Tagliafico all in 1 window, but hey I can dream.


Final Thoughts

And that about sums it up at the moment, on the whole been a good season. We probably got a little lucky getting top 4 with just 66 points, as usually that will end you up in 6th or 7th but with everyone else being terrible as well (outside of top 2) ill take it!

Onwards and upwards for next season, which should be excellent!






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Think you need to take into consideration the severity of Callum's injury. The whole "he shows himself to be lazy..." seems to be a lazy criticism in itself. Achilles ruptures can completely ruin and end someone's career. Him and Ruben deserve 2 years to get back to their level before we start to rush to judgement and call them finish or whatever. It is possible that he will never be the same talent again after that injury. I haven't felt like he is lazy at all. The same goes to Tammy. I feel like I've seen Tammy run himself ragged chasing the ball all over the pitch.

Speaking of Tammy: I feel it is too early to say if he is not good enough. He had his moments this season that he really impressed and other times where he really showed his youth. My one critique of him would be he really needs to improve his heading accuracy. For a player of his height and jumping ability, he is really inaccurate with his head -- which that skill is not an easy one. 

Absolutely disagree with getting rid of Zouma and Christensen. Changes needed, no question about it, but no one has stood out above the others except Zouma in my opinion. And it isn't like Zouma has been stonewall and has shut everyone down. They all have had their "WTF ARE YOU DOING" moments.

This season, overall, was a resounding success. If we had half of a keeper who was just average, we would've put more pressure on City for 2nd. I don't think we would've overcome the 15 point difference but we would've probably had 8-10 more points. If Frank is able to stabilize the defense, our young players continue to improve, our currently known signings play at their level and we have a competent keeper, we will significantly close the gap between Liverpool and Man City. I have faith and I feel good about the future of Chelsea. 

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