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forget songs, here are 12 albums

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I thought I would attempt to make one of these silly find the  ... things.

Its a bit crudely done and some are more literal then others.

Only answers with the name of the album and the artist that released said album will be accepted.

I will begrudgingly accept the wrong artist as long as they have released an album under the same name.

I hope it will be a little harder than it seems.

side note the playground scene is just a random background and not a clue


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20 minutes ago, Malta Blue said:

To be expected really, maybe I was too late to the party or maybe yours just bored everyone into submission

Maybe nobody knows any of the answers? I haven’t got a Salomon...

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, Malta Blue said:

I saw you on here in the "recently browsing" for atleast 15 mins

I left the tab open while I was making a Kevin Keegan ‘Electic Mouse’ Machine for reasons...

Edit: I was also having a lovely poo whilst doing this. 

Edited by Munkworth
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