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A few prem stat's from last season


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Found thease on the BBC

We seem to have ignored them because we didnt win the prem last season

- Completed the longest winning sequence of any club in the Premier League last season of nine matches and the longest unbeaten run of 14 games.

- Kept an unequalled 22 Premier League clean sheets last term. In the three seasons and 114 league games under Mourinho, they have managed to keep the opposition at bay a staggering 67 times (59%).

- Ended the last campaign with five draws, to take their unbeaten run to 14 league matches. Won nine and drawn five (in that order) since losing 2-0, away to Liverpool on 20 January - their only loss in 27 Premier League outings.

Manur came a lot closer to throwing things away last season than we ever did in our two season.

The fact that we keapt such an impressive clean sheat record with our back line as desimated over the season is impressive.

We also scored second most ammount of goals last season, and in the last three years we have toped the goal scoring charts and come second again repectivaly while maintaining are superb deffensive record!

We did run out of steam last season and just when we smealt blood but that's largely down to the fact we where one game short of the maximum posible to play in a season with an injury raveged squad!

This season we have a more robust squad to help deal with the injurys and hopefully the additon of another striker will see us bag a few more goals... reasons to be optamistic i think

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It's really wierd to see that even though many thought that last season was bad we actually had a very good one. An incredible season if you consider the problems we had.

I read somewhere that the points we got would have been enough to win the title the season before.

So, let's face it, we had a damn good season considering the problems but ManU had an even better one (thanks to Ronaldo icon_mad.gif ).

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I'm a big believer in statistics, but last season they lied in certain key respects.

1. We gave bad goals away in crucial games. The 2:0 loss to LPool springs to mind. Nevertheless the problem wasn't really with the defence. It was that:

2. Relative to ManU we didn't score enough goals and scoring was incredibly difficult. That put too much pressure on the team as a whole to come up with a "forced" goal or a shot from halfway. Over the whole of the season the pressure wore us down and we ended up mentally tired. Or at least that's the way I read it.

This season we have to be more efficient in scoring goals, and just as good at preventing them.

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