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Pizzaro or Shevchenko ... alongside Drogba ?


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Now if we had this discussion before the start of last season I would be laughed out of court !

Back then if we had the same choice of strikers many would have had Sheva as the untouchable !!

We are in a 4-4-2 situation, maybe a 4-3-3 ... discuss who plays alongside probably we'd all agree now as the best striker in world football.

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sheva, but pizarro deserves to be higher in the pecking order right now.

in any case, kalou currently holds the shirt, and rightly so IMO.

in a 433 I think the order would be drogba, pizarro, sheva and finally kalou.

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Obviously, Sheva has not yet played, and Pizarro has looked pretty good when he has had a chance so far.

But, Kalou has played as a proper support striker to Drogs - ie. playing a little deeper and wider - looking for the pass rather than the shot - which is exactly what a support striker should be doing.

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Sheva has never been untouchable to me with his performances for Chelsea to date.

Pizarro and Kalou are both above him in the pecking order as far as I can see.

He is just coming back from injury and I don't think the Anfield game is the one to choose to ease him back into.

Sheva will come more into his own in the CL may be but even then people forget Pizarro has great experience there too.

Pizarro has done more to impress in the few games he has played that Sheva has through most of last season so he should get the nod.

I keep vainly hoping Sheva will come good but I remain to be convinced it can ever happen in a Chelsea shirt sadly.

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Pizarro has done more to impress in the few games he has played that Sheva has through most of last season.


Weren't we all in love with Sheva when he just came? Scoring against Liverpool in the C. Shield match, scoring against Boro right after... I understand that people are annoyed with his performance last season, but saying something like this, I'm sorry, but it's stupid. You're going to compare two matches one has played to a player that played a whole season?

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