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Does anybody think Kenyon will also be on his way?


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Wishful thinking I know but Kenyon was the one who recommended Jose and came out in support of him as recently as Tuesday. Is it possible that he wasn't behind this decision and could be on his way too? If so at least something good would come out of this situation.

If he was behind the decision then he is even slimier than I thought. Waxing lyrical about Jose being the future of the club while drafting up his pink slip.

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he needs to be removed from any aspect of club PR asap, and greeberg needs to be removed/ replaced...


I think its unfair to blame Kenyon for everything. But the things we all know he is there to do (promotion, marketing, negotiating player transfer fees) he doesn't appear to be doing very well at all. For example, I think the whole marketing in America is a bad decision, we should be concentrating on winning hearts and minds in Asia where there is a captive audience.

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greenberg- the former evening standard idiot...

kenyon is a PR disaster, regardless of how well he's doing on the non football business side... at the very least, he needs to be out of the papers.

I rarely agree too much with your posts but you are 100% correct.

If Kenyon is concerned with commercial matters then fine, let him go on his jollies and 'spread the brand'. But he is said to be the major man to push through transfer deals...Veron, Crespo, Boula etc etc etc.

Any other job he would have been out long since.

He must suck up really well.

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