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Coppell to quit?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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icon_rolleyes.gif Flipping managers who want a break. I have no idea about the life of a football manager, I guess it would be extremely stressful because of the fans/press/pundits etc... but I mean come on, its not like you fight fires every day or some other underpaid life risking job.

Hmmm... 2million, I need a break, far too stressful!

But anyway, as someone with no idea I can't really comment, but it seems a bit silly tease.gif

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Needs a break , well , for that kind of money i'd take any amount of sh*t thrown my way . I think managers worry about reputation far too much , afraid what kind of profile they will have if they fail and worry about their standing amongst their peers. I'd love to be able to say , ahh bollocks , im taking a 6 month break from all this but i cant , i live with it , so should they , they are in jobs everyone of us would kill for . Get on with it and stop moaning .

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