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Man Utd v Newcastle on MotD

sweet waffle

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Usual brown nosing bullsh*t, completely ignored Ronaldo cheating for the freekick that gave them the first, Jonathan Pearce even had the audacity to say Smith fouled him when he clearly didn't touch him.

Yes Manure looked good attacking but Newcastle were piss poor.

I really don't know why I watch it.


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It's always the same with Utd on MOTD. They cream themselves when Man U string a good move together and gloss over Ronaldo's cheating. The thing with Ronaldo is he'll leave his leg in or just go straight into a player and go down, which in my mind is cheating.

And when they showed Anelka's first chance, SWP's brilliant backheel was hardly even mentioned, if that was a United or Arsenal player you can guarantee they'd focus on it and say how briliant they are.

The only commentators I have any respect for are Ray Wilkins and Chris Kamara (UNBELIEVABLE!). Most of the others are just stuck up United and Arsenal's arse.

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