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another American in England? Eddie Johnson to Fulham


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seems like American forward Eddie Johnson is on his way to the Premiership, having left national team camp this week to finalize a deal which will bring him to Fulham. (what's up with the Cottagers and their affection - obsession with the Yanks? McBride, Bocanegra, Dempsey...)

G.A.M. (his nickname is 'grown @ss man') is an enigmatic figure, no doubt. he's a fairly imposing figure -- no Jan Koller, but 6 feet tall and fast. more of a target man, a typical #9, not much on the ball, but quick to pounce and good finishing ability. and he's young - only 23. he has been getting attention from Europe for years now; the MLS turned down a bid from Benfica a few years ago (I think $5M or so); they agreed to a fee with Derby this summer ($6M) that Eddie rejected himself. he's also been linked with Manchester City, Middlesbrough, Reading, Celtic, and Real Sociedad. he's also rejected a loan to Real Socidead a few years back.

in 2003, he won the Golden Boot in the FIFA World Youth Championship, scoring 4 goals. he then was called up the national team, and started like a house on fire. in late 2004/early 2005, he scored seven goals in his first six World Cup qualifiers, including a hat trick in his 2nd game. but then he was injured (toes) and didn't play much in 05 and never seemed to catch back on in the international game, and was ineffectual throughout the WC. he's started to regain form in 2007, scoring in the Gold Cup, and also in the Copa America against Argentina.

should be interesting if he goes over to England. he seems like the type of player who could thrive there, with a good physical presence and good finishing skills. should be fun to watch.



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Didn't know that he had broken/injured toes, I just thought that he blew hot and cold. I think that FUlham have a tendenct to pick the MLS because they will get decent players, full of promise, for relatively cheap. Good business by them. Feel bad for McBride as he was starting to find decent form before his injury (knee) ended his season, and possibly his career. EJ could be a good signing for Fulham, will be interesting to see


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Scott, there was a lot of mystery about his toe/foot injury. some rumors around that he picked up the injury kicking a water cooler after being subbed off, but the official line is that he hurt it tangling with an opposing player. there was a fractured bone on the bottom of the foot, and when he tried to return after a few months when he thought it was healed, he compensated for the injury and changed his running style and fractured the same bone on the top. so he lost another few months. but he seems to be fully fit now, and he's not one of these "made of glass" players.

good news on McBride -- Fulham announced he participated in first team full training for the first time yesterday, and although they haven't pinned an exact return date, it looks like his career is not over. glad to see that -- that guy is a warrior. plays the game the right way. never want him to score versus us, but root for him to score a hat trick in every other match he plays in. 4 when he plays the scum.


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EJ signed with Fulham today after being granted a work permit. can't imagine why someone would spurn move after move to Europe and then sign with a club that is almost certain to be relegated.

that brings Fulham to 5 Americans -- EJ, Bocanegra, McBride, Dempsey and Keller. they can probably make a good basketball team:

C: Keller (6' 2")

PF: Johnson (6' 1")

SF: Dempsey (6' 1")

SG: Bocanegra (6' 0")

PG: McBride (6' 0")

certainly not NBA caliber, and i would guess every collegiate team in the US could spank them (since most shooting guards are 6' 2"), but i can't imagine may other football teams in the UK could put together a similar squad.

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EJ signed with Fulham today after being granted a work permit. can't imagine why someone would spurn move after move to Europe and then sign with a club that is almost certain to be relegated.

He abhors glory? Loves a challenge? Harbours dreams of being a superhero? Is a bit thick?

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