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Memories from CC Final last year!


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On a memory flashback tonight..... Well on duty free bacardii really 429.gif & thought I'd ask about what you remember about last years final ~ apart from the w**k2.gifw**k2.gifthumbsdown.gifthumbsdown.gifsmiley_crazy.gifthumbsdown.gifwife.gifw**k2.gifw**k2.gifrant.gif journey!

This >LINK< from the official site is a cracking 6 mins of the day!

Tell what I remember .......... meeting 6 Cardiff mates (aliens~long story & no not now! actions1.gifactions1.gifactions1.gif )

Copious amounts of celery!

1-0 down & then not! happy0034.gif

Fab~E~glass "You're scared of celery!" song

What do you remember?

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Brain am i losing my mind, was'nt it Arsenal in last yrs CC final???

I remember JT taking one in the face, giving it large to all those gooners on the M4 who insisted it did'nt matter to them. Dont give me that, we all saw you 346.gif346.gif346.gif on your way out, sweet revenge for the journey after the FA cup final defeat a couple of yrs earlier.


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Both finals hold great memories for me. The journey up to the 2005 Final was much easier, as we travelled up the night before on the train and stayed in a hotel just across from the ground. Trouble was, it was right in the Liverpool end! Thankfully I managed to walk through to the ground without having anything stolen. In terms of the match I remember being devastated when Riise scored after 40 seconds, and things got a bit heated where I was sitting, people were pissed off. Thankfully Gerrard scored his first goal for Chelsea and I went absolutely f*cking mental icon_lol.gif hugging complete strangers and just generally jumping around like a nutter.

For the final last year I got a coach up to Cardiff from SB, which took around 5 hours. Again the early goal was disapointing but thankfully Didier popped up and won us the game. Of course I went mental again and the coach journey home didn't seem so bad.

Roll on Sunday.

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Last year was pretty much ruined by the train journey. We took to our seats just as the ref blew for kick off. Total f**king nightmare of a journey but at least we were lucky not to miss any of the game - loads did. Can you imagine if we had to travel up to Cardiff this year - with Spurs???!!! icon_eek.gif

Can't remember a lot about last years game other than the Gooners kids giving us the complete runaround for the first 25 minutes or so and then us muscling our way back in to win.

My ideal result this year would be a 4-2. Okay, it would be nice to beat them really comfortably and I'd accept a 1-0, but a really memorable game with Spurs playing their part would be all the better.


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The ideal result for me this year is either to give them a serious tonking or to score in the last minute of a mindnumbingly boring game with an offside goal that goes in off someone's arse.

That should leave them feeling pretty hard done by and give them something to whinge about for the next 20 years!

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