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the special one does it again

The Brit

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As usual the headline in The Mail is actually totally misleading.

Seems the press take excerpts from this book when they are having a slow news day OR pehaps someone is very slowly translating it from Portuguese into English and has only got so far!

I found it an interesting read and much of what he says is true - blunt perhaps, acerbic - but it hits the nail on the head about a few things.

Of course the opposition fans will probably spit blood without actually reading carefully what he says - I found his comments on Wenger very interesting, in fact I found it a good read full stop.

Wenger and Fergie really are dinosaurs now of their age in terms of being at clubs where they are absolutely secure and can choose the time of their leaving. That's a luxury denied to almost every other coach out there and when they go you will never see coaches of their like again in terms of longevity I'll wager.

I often wonder what might have been for us if Jose had been given the chance to stay here and develop things unhindered (within reason of course).

I don't buy into the theory that he would have walked after a couple of years "because that's his style". I think he really loved the club, the country the fans and felt very at home here and really wanted to create something in his image sure but nevertheless he wanted to do something long term. Such a shame Roman and he couldn't have sat around a table and thrashed things out.

I really do miss him, especially when you compare his discourse to that of Avram and his bland mumblings - I know he cannot help but it pains me sometimes to hear Grant trying to explain himself and his feelings about football, it's all bland PR club speak with no insight, wit or humour.

I do wonder if the press are stirring things up a bit here though as usual just in advance of the CL game and actually using Jose's book to do that - the headline is enough to get some going.

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He forgets that Arsene Wenger did the double in only his second season at Arsenal and adds: “How many championships has Benitez won since he joined Liverpool? None. And how many names were suggested by the press to replace him? None. How many years did Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger take before they won their first English title? They needed five years to get there. And how many years was it necessary to wait before the English press entertained itself with discovering whether or not Wenger would be replaced at Arsenal? Ten years.”

jose is spot on in what he says. I do miss jose too and don't care if anyone says they're glad he left (in that case you are absolutley mad!) So we have a billionaire managing the club, it's old news now, everyone has billionaire's managing the clubs. And also man united are renewing contracts and if im not mistaken ronaldo is gonna be making 150,000 pounds a week with his new contract! Media will always be biased towards us and that's what makes every victory so much sweeter.

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