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Foot up

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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... is a quaint old rule. May be they should bring it back for games we take part in.

There was this one by Baros(no foul):


Then last year there was this one by Diaby(clearly no foul):


And last night we had this one by Ferdinand(well, the linesman did think about it, but decided it was fine):


When did the foot-up rule get scrapped? can't seem to find any mention of it on Google. maybe I'll email Graham Poll, or Anders Frisk, or that Michels guy.

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I deleted my previous post which only made sense because (blame my idiot ISP) I've got images turned off. But like I was saying, if that's not dangerous play, then my granny was my grandad. Possibly the ultimate example of one rule for the Arse "of course it was an accident - he felt so bad how could we possibly punish him .. after all he's an Aresnal player". If it was up to me I'd have banned the tw@ for the rest of the season. Then broken both his legs.

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I mentioned emailing Graham Poll because he gave foot-up against JT in the FAC SF in 2006, even though JT's foot was lower than Garcia's at the time. Riise scored from the free kick and we lost 2-1. And Frisk sent off Drogba for foot-up in Barcelona (gave him a second yellow) in the infamous match when Rijkaard got to him at Half-time (just like Ferguson got to Michels at HT last night).

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