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Scolari On Anelka


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Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari on mercurial striker Nicolas Anelka:

"Anelka has looked good in training and will play as centre forward.

Apparently Pizarro looked world class in training. Whether Anelka can transfer his training form, and can continue to score anywhere near as regularly as he did in pre-season to the season proper remains to be seen.

"He played well in the friendly matches but he is quiet. If you say 'good morning' to him he will say 'good morning' back but if you don't he won't say anything.

Doesn't sound very much like the moody arrogant character portrayed in the media. But then why should it?

"We need to put fire in Anelka - tell him 'look Anelka, you are very good'. Maybe this will be the season for him."

I think that's the Brazilian equivalent of saying he needs a rocket up his arse.

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But 86 people have read it - which is nearly 4 times as many as have read the England - Czech one which was posted only a short time after yours. Maybe you have made the definitive statement which requires no amplification. Or maybe silence should be construed as consent.

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Lofty, don't be offended. I have only started a few threads in the last year, and virtually all of them had 50 views before a single reply. And I thought they were also worthwhile points of discussion.

On the Anelka issue, I read these comments on BBC but missed this thread. I think its a great sign that Scolari seems to be looking at Anelka as his little project. Because everyone knows that is what has plagued Nic Anelka throughout his career.

And as Fil says, he definitely has the talent to get it done. I think that Fil could transform le sulk into a real quality player, and perhaps even a star. By all accounts, he looked lively today, and the numbers dont lie: one game under Scolari has seen him score as many goals as he did in his entire Chelsea career

Scolari is perfect for the squad we have. Brimming with talent, but potentially lacking in confidence or harmony going forward

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