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Pro Evolution Soccer

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Ah, I'm still on PES 6. :lol:

My team is about eight seasons in, but it started as:

GK - Sorensen

LB - Ashley Cole

RB - Volz

CB - Marquez

CB - Gallas

DM - Bullard

DM - Pirlo


AM - Prosinecki

CF - Trezeguet

CF - Radzinski

But they were crap, and through course of retirements and switching, it became:

GK - Kremer (succeeded Sorensen, who retired)

LB - Ashley Cole

CB - Metzelder

CB - Alex

RB - Volz

DM- Marquez

LM - Alain Traore (succeeded Duff and Radzinski, who both retired)

RM - SWP / Paco Montanes

AM - Prosinecki (succeeded Pirlo, who retired)

CF - Martins (succeeded Mutu, who retired)

CF - Park Chu Young

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