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  1. Don’t worry it’s Saul Goodman
  2. I’ve always liked Saul from the limited amount of time I’ve seen of him, but I always assumed he had a decent goals/assist record relative to the position he plays. However after checking it’s not much better than what we currently have in centre mid. Good luck Saul
  3. So not full dodo yet then
  4. Saul may have kidney issues but how’s Drinkwaters liver holding up?
  5. Don’t worry he’s cuming
  6. Just imagine paying all that just to find out you've bought the Norwegian Andrej Kramarić (20 BL goals last season) and his stats are all padded out by the Bundesliga. Paying nearly £1 million a week for the next Henrikh Mkhitaryan would hurt. I'm happy with Lukaku now thanks.
  7. I feel like these comparison images are getting more and more extreme.
  8. You can tell lockdowns over all the dickheads are loose.
  9. All we need now is his fantasy football price.
  10. Just when I thought Kepa couldn’t get any worse…
  11. Anyone remember Agueros penalty in the Kepa final?
  12. Ok I’ve got a confession to make, I may have called Lukaku a few names over the years, like donkey, bottler, useless, and others, but I’m hear now to say I’m sorry big Rom, I hope you have a tremendous season and help us win some trophies. Welcome back to the club we both love.
  13. Curious what happened when we resigned Matic?
  14. Yeah but they’ve got their money the proper way like syphoning millions in charity money raised from the Munich air disaster that was never given to the victims, or the investor who was making money from selling rotten meat to school children in the 80s. They never remember the millionaire businessman that saved them from being a forgotten obscurity in the 1930s and pumped money into the team. The original Roman.
  15. Can’t believe you’ve missed Mason out! Obviously he would be in the starting 11. Messi would have to start on bench I guess.
  16. Maybe a bit extreme but I’ve just chained myself naked to the lamp post outside and I’m not going to eat or sleep until we sign Messi.
  17. Anyone know what Glen Murray’s up to these days?
  18. Or you could say to Zappa the Costa down
  19. Does big Rom turn up in the big games? Maybe not. Did Bruno turn invisible in the big games for Man Utd? Yes, but did he turn them from a team that struggles in the lesser games to one that could well be in a title race this season ? Yes. If he helps use smash some of the lesser teams rather than struggling to a 0-0 draws I will be happy. However he’s no Haaland and he probably kills any chance of getting Haaland next summer and I want Haaland. If Man Utd sign Haaland next year I will need to emigrate to Antarctica. So I’m not sure what to think, this transfer could inadvertently turn into my worst nightmare, that’s if living with Man U fans wasn’t a living nightmare already.
  20. You’re doing gods work my friend
  21. Werner needs a few goals to get his confidence up for the new season and the blind bloody linesman just ruined it.
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