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  1. I've alway thought that Kurt doesn't possess the technical ability to play in a Sarri team. However recently reading about how Koulibaly was prone to mistakes and extremely shaky in possession during his first season at Napoli under Rafa, much like Zouma currently relying on his physical attributes rather than his footballing brain. Now Sarri then transformed this 24 year old (same ages a Zouma now) into one of the best centre backs in the world, ironing out a lot of his flaws. I'm not saying this is going to happen as I know all players are different, but maybe just maybe we have our very own £80m Koulibaly already in the squad. A couple of articles here about Koulibaly's improvement under Sarri. Quite interesting Sarri using Drones to help him improve his positioning. https://blog.soccermanager.com/news/how-kalidou-koulibaly-has-improved-under-maurizio-sarri#.XNQGVC2ZO50 https://farfromvesuvius.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/kalidou-koulibaly-napolis-complete-defender/
  2. You're thinking of Arda Turan.
  3. I have to disagree with this part I find this team with Kante and Kovacic playing together is missing that defence splitting pass. Neither player has the vision needed. I can recall numerous times our forwards have made runs which an early pass would give them a chance in behind/on goal only for them to take an extra touch and miss the opportunity. We need a creative midfielder who can unlock defences and not pick the easy sideways option. In my opinion until we sort this out most strikers will struggle in this team and signing Kovacic is only going to prolong this issue.
  4. Sorry guys I'm just joking. I'm ecstatic really. Love me some Champions League. Next step is to deny Arsenal CL football.
  5. Yes, we can now attract the big players who we then cannot buy. Get in.
  6. In this case for once I'm happy for the board to make the decisions on transfers.
  7. To be fair I don't think that image was there originally, and to be honest the colour of the socks is the least of our problems. You never know it might grow on us
  8. If a player is going to block RLC's path into the first 11 they need to be a lot better than Kovacic. I don't see much difference in quality between the 2 (Ruben probably edges it), which confuses me as to why a loanee is getting more game time than an actual Chelsea player. We can do better. I wouldn't sign him if we have the chance. We need players with an end product Kovacic has zero.
  9. When asked about his future in the interview after the game today Hazard winks at the camera. I'm taking that as he's 100% staying and nobody can convince me otherwise.
  10. Unfortunately thats a fan made kit. This is the kit, white socks included.
  11. I've seen the official Nike promo shots and they are wearing white socks in them.
  12. The socks are white with a blue-red-blue stripe around them. The shirt is blue and not very nice.
  13. Having seen Nike promo material for the new shirt with Hazard wearing it I'm pretty confident no deal has been done yet. However it not the first time players have moved after they've been in the new season photoshoot. With it being well documented that he's undecided on his future, I'm just hoping they wouldn't have had Hazard only shots if he wasn't staying.
  14. This is 100% the new kit, I've seen the official images from nike. Most importantly I'm holding on to the hope that the images of Hazard I've seen in next seasons shirt means he’s decided to stay.
  15. Not getting too complacent, but we can still put all our efforts into top 4 qualification without having to go full on in the EL for now and more games for CHO and RLC. Couldn't have gone better.
  16. I'm struggling to motivate myself to watch the remainder of this match
  17. Say what you will about Sarri's tactics or inability to motivate the players, but the players alone in the 2nd half gave up on the game after their 2nd went in. There is nothing the manager can say at that point to motivate them, it was up to them to up the intensity and drive on to come back and not take losing as a possibility. It look to me like the players rolled over instead. Maybe they aren't confident with the tactics, struggling to make them work. Not enough creativity and directness, no one make runs/movement, too much stopping, slowing down and backwards passing. Clearly this isn't what Sarri wants. From Sarri's time at Napoli they were described as playing beautiful fast attacking football far from what we are playing now. That's what 'Sarriball' is suppose to be. I just don't know if the players aren't capable of adapting to it or the style isn't working in the Premier League. Hopefully it just needs more time for both to adapt.
  18. Not sure who it was but I remember some pundit saying the Chelsea players only seem up for it if the league title is within our grasp. I'm starting to think there is something in this, at the start of the season when we were a couple of points from the top we played some great stuff and looked motivated, now there is no chance we look disinterested. It's funny how we suddenly get a better performance in the cup games after looking flat in the league. Maybe Sarri has a point.
  19. I'm thinking this is a made up story. How does anyone know Bayern have guaranteed him first team football (if thats even a thing) if they are not allowed to speak to him? If it is true the offer will still be there come the summer so stick it out and see how it goes, he must have some love for the club to give it at least another 6 months. In Rashfords breakout season he made 18 appearances according to wiki, and that was mainly down to a striker injury crisis at Utd. CHO has 10 appearances so far and most of them have come recently. So I'd say there is a positive progression there. I think the club is in a difficult position, it needs to get CL football for all kinds of reasons including convincing Eden to stay, but also give game time and gamble on a lad who's just turned 18. We may be able to do both but its risky and I think the club would take the CL money and resign Hazard over CHO.
  20. The 3 Champions/Europa League winners above.
  21. Yossi Benayoun, Raul Meireles, Torres? Liverpool have sold us many of their best players.
  22. Eddie Howe just said no one has contacted them about any of their players this window. Seems this is a load nonsense. Makes you think who came up with the £50-75 Million?

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