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  1. Laporte is left footed and would be ideal to fill the shoes of JT- our best "left footed" player I'm all about the balance.
  2. What's this sh•t about Arsenal signing Benzema?! (I hope this is just another case of letting another club go through the work of sorting papers and such just for CFC to swoop in last minute and bring him here! What a transfer window that would be ya hey
  3. Then why did we sell Lukaku?! He share an affinity to be determined to play first team football...
  4. Where would you envision him playing? France? Netherlands? Russia? USA?
  5. I don't know about the geology bellow SB, but has there been any discussion on engineering an underground parking/shops/space/etc? I do really like the idea of the steep stands to be "on top" of the game. Could they also lower the level of the pitch as well to add to that affect? Just throwing these ideas out there, not really sure how feasible it would be. Also possibly looking into building parking ramps like the ones found in Chicago, USA that when empty appear as giant sculptures...
  6. Could someone remind me how many minutes it was before Torres scored? Costa was at 17 minutes if I'm not mistaken...
  7. Yes Torres scoring 30 goals this season would go a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to easing his past transgressions Lets hope for that everybody! Good intentions
  8. Yea, we could really do without...
  9. Torres and some cash?!?!
  10. I agree with everything you said apart from the costa bit. Really don't see that going thru. Spain have been out if the WC for some time now abd could have had this sorted already. Torres (if he doesn't leave) Lukaku and Aubameyang would suffice and could easily beat the minnows in the league we struggled to put away last season.
  11. Sooooo did we just buy a new summer striker?! No more costa!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahahahha Jk. But seriously he could start ahead of Torres
  12. Agreed. Cesc Matic Will Oscar Hazard Lukaku/Costa
  13. Griezmann apparently rumored to move... Hazard Oscar Griezmann
  14. Is saurez goes to real is there any chance they would be willing to let Benz leave for us?!?

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