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  1. yeah, you are right. They seem more on then us, much more. hopefully thomas can shout some wisdom from the sideline to make them turn it up a couple of gears..
  2. ths reff is clearly blind or a porto supported. some of the players seem stressed. anyone else see this? maybe it gets better as the game ages more. I want to see blood sweat and tears from the players today! Bring the A-game on , and do everything in theire power to beat this side. Jorg. looks rusty as always, doesn`t deserve to wear the blue jersey imo.
  3. 1-0 up, and a red card shoult not end with a 2-5 against the lowest team on the table. This should never ever happen. Just shows the spirit of the players, that they dont bleed for the club. So much money in a year, and they are a bunch of weaklings. Im so freaking mad that they cant do better then this, because they cant. What a waste of top 4 - CL spot. totally disgraceful.
  4. alonso cant even hold the ball.. abit of phfysical contact and he falls... i f**king hate that guy.. what a useless display by some of the players. Jorg,Azpi,Alon , 1 pack of trash
  5. Jesus christ! Alonso throwing himself trying to get a pen... that mentality is trash! have never liked that player, and all spanish & italian players do that sh*t...
  6. what the fock!? 4-1 ... did not even see that last goal by wba... but you can clearly see the spirit in the team is sad realy. even tho we are 10 v 11, we should not loose hope nor dicepline. It is sad and freaking annoying seeing how weak the players are, hanging with theire head and hoping the game will end soon... Have some honor and pride for fock sake! Looks like they dont want to play in CL. Jorg should be sold, a new CB replacement for Azpi, and a new leftback that can run and has stamina. and a striker that can hold the ball + score.
  7. Jorghinio is sh*t.. have always thought so, he can only pass, and fake penalties. hope we sell him in summer. Azpi is done aswell, too many mistakes for his age and experience.
  8. What the f**k are they doing? Do Chelsea FC even have a match plan going out on the field? They look like a bunch of scarecrows walking around on the field with theire head up theire ass... This hereis a disgrace, and have been for close 1 and a Hald month. Does Frank have a match plan? What is his tactics? I see the team doing the same every fotball match. Nothing personal, but the manager chair in Chelsea is way to big for Frank, when you can't even be honest to yourself, you gotta go frankie... im sorry, but ive given up all my hopes in Lampard as Chelsea manager atm.
  9. Tbh, I hope lampard gets sacked in january. Nothing personal, but he is not manager caliber . Arsenal, first winning game in 8games.and arsenal bench team. Chelsea disappoint again, nothing new, just old news repeating itself.
  10. Whaaaat theee fuuuuck???? Have he not stopped with that stupid jump penaltey????
  11. Tammy can't even hold the ball for 2seconds... and when he does, his to slowand loose it... i can't believe what the f**k im seeing at the moment from Chelsea... it's a disgrace... Chelsea should play a division under the BPL 3-0 and can't change tactic. At the end of the match the score will be 5-0. Someone needsto take charge of the dressing room, and tell these pathetic players that this is not sundag league...this is BPL, and here you need to bleedfor your jersey, if not it's bye! get the f**k out og this club.
  12. Why dont Chelsea players take a shot at goal once inawhile... only pumping the ball to tammy and he keeps loosing it, and this is the way Lampard wants them to play match inmatch out, over and over again.. what a bunch of sissies on this team and coaching straff..
  13. Tammy can't even hold the ball for 2seconds... and when he does, his to slowand loose it... i can't believe what the f**k im seeing at the moment from Chelsea... it's a disgrace... Chelsea should play a division under the BPL
  14. Chelsea players play at half machine. No guts , no glory. No heart for the club it seems. And it doesnt seems like er play with tactic at all!!
  15. I love Lampard. But this gotta be it. Hei doesnt know what the f**k he is doing. The players doesnt even bleed for the club. And crossing inn 90minutes, that has not worked before, and will not work now. I hope we get a new manager with a tactical brain. Timo werner up as striker, he cannot play wing, he is clueless... Tammy doesnt work enough off the ball, and he looses the ball way to often. And what the f, is Zouma always backingup for?? Alwaays... Look at wolves deffenders Lampard, and tell your players to do the same, and actually learn something.. I dont buy this " just giv
  16. This was a very bad deffensive game. If we had Thiago Silva, this would never have happend. As someone else sayd earlier Zouma & Christensen togethor is not a strong matcup. The midfield deffensive players should protect our deffensive more, totally agreed on that. And FRANK LAMPARD, why the f**k dont you throw this useless goalie away? He looses matches by himself. Doing the same type of mistakes over and over again. Lampard must straighten up the deffenders. ANd on set pieces the second ball needs to be won, either way... if its shooting it out to throwin or over to the other half.
  17. The spirit and the fun is gonefrom many of the players...
  18. Marcos Alonso is always too late to deffend. Every match
  19. Marcos alonso is so f**king lucky to still be in Chelseas squash, after a year with disgraceful football.. And i agree that they have no team spirit what so ever...
  20. Yeah, 110% agreed. Rudiger saved us. Willy is trash, jorghinio is worse. Azpi's career looks like its over. We need to get the winner spirit back. And every time we score a goal, er concede a goal minutes after. We also need to be tougher on the oppositions ball
  21. Barkley is way to slow on and with the ball.. looks like he is playing for kids team
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