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  1. Alonso runs like a girl. And when rest og team runs back to deffence, he is taking a sunday jogging om the midfield... I think rest og the team, especially hazard dont want to play with him, looks alot like it. And he just goes in the way for our play and players..
  2. What is alonso doing on the pitch?? Thought Sarri har learned from other matches he is the worst player on the field. He looks confused and dont know what he is doing. The rest have lost theire spirit long time ago,. Hope Sarri leave and we get a stabile manager that know how to play in the BPL. This is just a disgrace.
  3. Jorginho is not string enough nor fast enough for this league. And be maked stupid mistakes. Willian dont play with passion, so his time is over. And i hope we never eeever sign Higuain. He is sloppy, slow can't finish nor hold on the ball for our players to get higher on the pitch. this match just show that we need a New spirit, and a New tactics. We are to predictable and er need to change our mindset. Go play 90+minutes with 110% effort, if not you have nothing to do in å chelsea jersey og chelsea FC.
  4. Higuain is to slow for PL. Be can't Even ein for the ball nor can he hold the ball. I wonder when chelsea's mindset and sport will change. Maybe with a New coach, that is not that stubborn and use different tactics?? It's f**king silly and stupid af that they dont play with entusiasme from start!!
  5. Now they play football. After 2-0 down and 30minutws to go. It's like this almost every Game. The dont take it seriously before they is down 1 or 2 goals. Kindergarden attitude.
  6. We will never get that 4th spot nor CL play. And now when Liverpool lead by 2 goals, chelsea should play offensive. Not stay om deffence. It's a disgrace to watch so good players not bored for the chelsea jersey! This Sarri ball is stupid sh*t. Hope he gets sacked and out next manager has balls to talk to the players that they CANNOT play like this. We dont Even look like a BPL team at ALL! It's a disgrace. I think hazard will leave case he can't stand the way we play. NO SPIRIT and NO teamwork at ALL. The players looks like a bunch of chickens They need to step up theire game!!
  7. We have 0 shots om target and 2 total...? Embarresing af! Not sure I can watch second half, my eyes hurt
  8. Agreed with Pedro. Alonso is the one who can't play, nor link UP with willian. They need to get rid off this toxic player. Each match we use him we play 10 against 11
  9. Yes, he is do bad... he gets worse and worse every match. looks like he dont know what to do. And be just Walid around on the field, and when he passes to willian he dont overlap he just hide!
  10. This was a lucky win. We need to play way more better the last matches. We start playing football in the last 15minutes.
  11. Why the f**k aint cho playing? It's pathetic to see chelsea play atm. I agree with you all, Sarri can't keep managing Chelsea. Se will loose Cho og not this season then next. Only thing he wants is to play football. Finally, a young player hadto step UP! Good job RLC!!!

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