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  1. This was a very bad deffensive game. If we had Thiago Silva, this would never have happend. As someone else sayd earlier Zouma & Christensen togethor is not a strong matcup. The midfield deffensive players should protect our deffensive more, totally agreed on that. And FRANK LAMPARD, why the f**k dont you throw this useless goalie away? He looses matches by himself. Doing the same type of mistakes over and over again. Lampard must straighten up the deffenders. ANd on set pieces the second ball needs to be won, either way... if its shooting it out to throwin or over to the other half.
  2. The spirit and the fun is gonefrom many of the players...
  3. Marcos Alonso is always too late to deffend. Every match
  4. Marcos alonso is so f**king lucky to still be in Chelseas squash, after a year with disgraceful football.. And i agree that they have no team spirit what so ever...
  5. Yeah, 110% agreed. Rudiger saved us. Willy is trash, jorghinio is worse. Azpi's career looks like its over. We need to get the winner spirit back. And every time we score a goal, er concede a goal minutes after. We also need to be tougher on the oppositions ball
  6. Barkley is way to slow on and with the ball.. looks like he is playing for kids team
  7. Chelsea is playing without teamspirit, + there are toomany personal mistakes... Imo cecar's career is over.. he does to many mistakes. Same with jorg.mount. And out attacking players keeps slipping. I remember the start og the season, hudson-odoi was om fire. Where is he at? Our deffence is unstable, and out attacking 3 is off balance.
  8. what a bad performance from, Jorghinio,kovacic,christensen & zouma... Kante came in to late. and our deffense is shaiit. Attacking part cant set the ball between the bars. I dont really know what Jorghinio is doing in chelsea,. He cannot head the ball, cant sprint/run, he is to skinny, and 0 energy. only thing he has is his passing. and that our opponents know, so they put a mark or 2 on him every match.. CHristensen gave united the 2-0 goal, he just watched the ball go past him to martial. and the 3-0 , i dont know what to say about that.. its not offside before the judge whistles dji
  9. Alonso runs like a girl. And when rest og team runs back to deffence, he is taking a sunday jogging om the midfield... I think rest og the team, especially hazard dont want to play with him, looks alot like it. And he just goes in the way for our play and players..
  10. What is alonso doing on the pitch?? Thought Sarri har learned from other matches he is the worst player on the field. He looks confused and dont know what he is doing. The rest have lost theire spirit long time ago,. Hope Sarri leave and we get a stabile manager that know how to play in the BPL. This is just a disgrace.
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