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  1. wtf was that Azpi?And this Grealish could be acting in bollywood
  2. that clearly was a pen. handball is handball. + chilwell was held back, that clearly was a foul aswell. this reff is bought and payed for!
  3. Good ball from Pulisic. Lets get 2more. UP with your HEADS BOYS!
  4. Should have started with Kai instead of Pulisic. Should NOT have used AZPI as RWB. GILMOUR instead of JORG. Atleast Gilmour does something, and is a young boy who wants to go forward in the club! NO passion what so f**king ever in this chicken team!!!!!!
  5. Villa have not beathen chelsea sence 2014, and now is the time to loose heads boys? Not 1 player on the field has winner mentality. How come Tuchel dont use Havertz? And Jorghinio is useless!!! HOW can the coach NOT see that??? Can anyone phone Tuchel and tell him what to do???
  6. Jorhinio has NOTHING to do in BPL, deffo not in Chelsea FC. He is so freaking bad. only thing he can is pass to the sides and back pass... ANd what the f**k is the rest of the team thinking? Looks like a bunch of headless chickens... First 20min was OK. but x shots and no goals doesnt help shiiiit Gotta put the ball behind the keeper, not ON the keeper. Put Giroud on, out with Pulisic. As another one said here, Pulisic is deffenetly saving himself for the final.
  7. This performance = S h a i t e Jorgi must be sold asap ... he is a liability, and the rest of the team gotta show more entusiasm and spirit!!! Come on, they play on the highest level of football in europe. Gotta bleed some for the club & fans. TT & team gotta make this right at next game vs. the foxes To be continued...
  8. yeah, you are right. They seem more on then us, much more. hopefully thomas can shout some wisdom from the sideline to make them turn it up a couple of gears..
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