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  1. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    let's hug it out guys, I'm willing to forgive as i'm in a good mood after signing Jorginho and Sarri
  2. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    completely agree
  3. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    This comment from Giordano_Bruno summed it up nicely: "I'm not talking about loyalty, commitment or achievements. When you imagine Hazard playing football, it always pops out his dribble. When you imagine Gudjonsen, Drogba, Zola, Lampard - there is everything - dribbling, scoring goals, great headers, bicycles, key passes and interventions. Hazard is simply not that complex. Dribble is not = to talent. Period."
  4. Odiddy

    Jorginho is a Blue

    wohoooo. Will be brilliant alongside Kante.
  5. Odiddy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Great signing; if we keep Hazza and add to it with a few good signings, I will be a very happy man.
  6. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    But i never made this about Lamps; people started saying ridiculous things like Lamp is more talented. I love lamps, and a great player but just not in the same calibre in terms of raw raw talent. Not a bad argument on why the big clubs didn't got for Lamps, but I don't fully buy it. Real Madrid would not have been afraid to go for him, if they wanted him - just like they went for Ronaldo.
  7. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    doesn't look good. Can't say I blame him for not showing loyalty after seeing some of the fans attitudes towards him in this thread - absolutely disgusting.
  8. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    Hmmm.... well why didn't a big club ever come knocking for him? I am not saying he's not a Chelsea great, he is. Just saying I don't think he is as talented as Hazard - and I'm saying that he isn't as talented, because he isn't. Ask the question in another forum, unbiased, and see what people's unanimous opinions are... Also, just to play devil's advocate - he played for Man City and scored against Chelsea.
  9. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    I think Lampard was great, but I just think he was overrated a little.
  10. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    fair enough, let's see - i think your conclusion is wrong, but you're entitled to your opinion I guess (even if it is wrong ). I think Chelsea fans are going to rue the day when they see him winning a ballon d'or if he goes to Madrid. I think all you need to see are his World Cup performances to see what he's capable off - and yes, maybe he does go missing sometimes, but so does Messi if the game isn't set up for him in the right way. Many, many, many times Hazard has carried us and won the game through individual performances and has made us look better than we are. 15-20 goals from lampard is just a stat, and I think you need to look past numbers; lampard was notorious for shooting from everywhere and missing chances, scoring deflections, and being 'flukey'. For god sake other fans coined him pinball lampard.
  11. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    All day long baby. Lampard was a very good player and servant, but he's nowhere near as talented. He'd be the first to admit that. Hazard can do things with the ball that only a handful of players in the world can.
  12. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    how so?
  13. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    whatever - he's the most talented player we've ever had anyway.
  14. Odiddy

    Eden Hazard

    Hazard is the Chelsea GOAT and will be one of the world GOATs once Mister Sarri gets his hand on him. Come on Hazza, sign on that dotted line