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  1. Fastest Chelsea Players according to opta: Willian, 34.51 Eden Hazard, 34.45 Pedro, 34.43 Michy Batshuayi, 34.08 Victor Moses, 33.97 According to Pedro: ‘I don’t know because we have many fast players. Maybe Charly Musonda, Willian, Zappacosta, Kante is always ruining a lot he never stops,’ he told Soccer AM. ‘These guys are the four fastest.’ Pressed on who would win if that quartet were to race over 100m, Pedro added: ‘Probably Zappacosta’ Now a FB should be the fastest players on the pitch, them or wingers, so if he isn't mentioned in the 5 fastest it means he is at best mid range in our team that isn't a particularly quick team, so in the context of rapid FB, again I said he isn't slow, but he isn't fast for a full back, thats a fact take it or leave it, I take it he isn't fast on your computer game either taking into account your c**ty comment...
  2. Well have a normal discussion and don't be a cheeky little c**t, "keyboard warrior" wtf you on about you plonker, I don't need to talk myself up or pretend to be hard I know who and what I am, if you don't believe me I'll be at the first home game of teh season, PM me, don't give it lip then tell me "I don't want to clog up the forum" you little peacock, I was talking about football you are you one who was being a smart arse, you're a little snake, cause an unnecessary problem then try and role reverse...go on f**k off and post a picture on instagram you slag
  3. Yea but you'd get a slap if you said that to me you cheeky little twat so don't do it on a forum, and if you are from England you're deffo not from London, you don't talk like someone from London, you talk like a little wally with a quiff and a skin tight tracksuit from some forgotten sh*t hole, having a discussion and difference of opinion is one thing and it's healthy discussion, being a cheeky little c**t because we disagree about the speed of a fullback is unnecessary, I'm neither little nor a boy and there is not a f**king chance you would say that in person so don't be a typical little internet c**t and talk like a grown up since you're making reference to mental age..
  4. You're 23 according to your profile 'm 36 and I assume I'm right, since you skipped round it, a 23 year old who hasn't even been to a f**king game or is even from the country the team plays in telling a 36 year old from west London "this sin't fifa" and I'm embarrassing my self...jog on you sausage
  5. Have you watched him live? Or na? Is that your way of looking credible saying to a grown man this isn't Fifa? He isn't a fast fullback, if you think he is you know f**k all and certainly havn't watched him live, bit of a senseless argument, I think you just like being a smartness because you want imaginary internet points, I'd almost guarantee your not even from England let alone London but come online and make clever c**t comments to people that support their local team about "it's not fifa"
  6. Who is average???? Average speed for fullback- Dave
  7. I think people forget some of teh quality Morata posses, cant say he always shrinks he scored in 2 CL finals, he has top class ability, maybe sarri will get it out of him, he is better than higuain in my opinion
  8. You're clearly not willing to hear points so I'll leave it I'm not into bickering, read why I said I posted the video, then read what you said, you literally emphasised my point for me. And I said at 24 he should be GETTING CLOSE to the finished article, meaning by 26 a left back is at his prime by 30, it's not the same, so thats what 3 years prime? No at 24 you get top class fullbacks CLOSE to the finished article. This guy will never be in Sandros league, never have the quality of Luis, and never shine Cole's shoes, we have had teh latter 2 and tried to bid on the first, this is the quality we need in this league with the rivals we have if challenging, yes he will do ok, yes it's not a priority like a striker, but I mean it's a position we should improve if we can, Morata and Giroud will do "alright" maybe you've seen something in him I havn't and conte didn't, he hasn't been injured for years yet never had an international start, I'm happy to be proved wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm not, he is decent...that's it.
  9. He is 24 in 2 weeks thats not a prospect, he should be getting close to the finished article, fb's develop younger, they peak quicker and are done by 30, look at Trent Arnold at only 19, look at ashley at 24, you're also trying to be a smart arse while saying what I'm saying, most of the play goes down the left at Napoli, well hey who is our left forward, so yes as I said a nippy lb is needed, I personally don't think Emerson is good enough for a title challenge in an elite team, didn't get much game time under Antonio did he, 5 games in 5 months, he hasnt had a single senior game at international level, why did no one give a sh*t on here when we bought him? On par with sandro...what a load of nonsense, he is decent but LB is a position we need to improve, Alonso is a player I'm very fond of but if you thin he is slow on the tele watch him in person, he can't play a back 4 and be as succesful in an attackig team he would get caught out on the break, and no way would emerson get the nod over him because Alonso is better than him, clearly the coaching staff agreed
  10. Mate...he ran onto a ball at full pace and kept stride for 4 steps, he hasnt got much acceleration, he isn't a pacey right back he isn't slow but he isn't quick, he is very average, hence we need at least one nippy one, saying he has serious pace just isnt true in this context One clip is not much to build a case like this gives a false impression of him also,
  11. First he is 24 next month, second no he isn't, he really isn't, he is decent, Dave isn't nippy, we need at least 1 quick LB, I mean you're right we could get by on that but I wouldn't be surprised at all if w bring in a LB it's not top priority but we need one, we were after Sandro, Emerson is miles off that
  12. Agree about Dave cant play in a CB pair, too short, but in a 4 GC is out of the picture he would get torn ragged as he did 2 seasons ago let alone now, Christensen still isn't ready for a title challenging Team, Luiz back4 is suicide, we need a top CB with experience to pair with Rudiger, one or both of GC and DL will move on I'd think Christensen and maybe one of them as deputy
  13. You believe VM and Alonso can operate in a back 4 in the PL, our full/wingbacks weren't good enough in a back 3 let alone a 4 hence we were pursuing Sandro, Alonso is too slow to play in a 4 in the PL, VM cost us a bag of goals not marking his man, Dave will go back to RB and we will need a top LB at the least. If we are playing attacking football going to need Rapid fullbacks.
  14. I think Sarri will want to see what he can get out of Morata tbh
  15. Need a top class CB, christensen still isn't ready, we also need new full backs, we are a good bit away from title challengers, one CM doesnt change a 5th place team to a challenger

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