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  1. I'll be cheering on tonight with a few beers from my sofa in sunny Glasgow, hopefully cheering on a resounding Chelsea victory.
  2. Cheers m8, I'll bed myself in slowly and attempt not too make an arse of myself, won't try to patronize anyone by claiming to be the most knowledgeable by any means when it comes to Chelsea, I support Rangers with a passion and I'm sure most posters on here can understand that while we play in a crap league you don't choose who you were born supporting, you simply do,looks like I'll be down for a few games next season so I'm looking to educate myself with all things Chelsea, as I said in my opening post I've always had a soft spot for Chelsea and my experience at Anfield last week has only enhanced this despite the result, in Scotland we are blamed and hated as a support for everything, something I think both our supports might have in common ?
  3. Hello lads, just signed up to take a more active interest in Chelsea, season ticket holder at Rangers and had a soft spot for Chelsea since I was a wee boy, at 43 I can remember my generation mostly feeling that Chelsea were their English team, anyway I had the pleasure of being in the Chelsea end at Anfield last Sunday ( my first time seeing Chelsea) with my m8 and I thoroughly enjoyed my day apart from the result of course, I will definitely be back down for a few games when I can and tickets allow, was welcomed fantastically and look forward to my next trip.

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