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  1. As a new Chelsea sympathizer (stereotypical american pulisic fan) I've enjoyed your coverage of the preseason. I also worry for the back line and strikers of course. I have watched Dortmund for the last 2 seasons, so here's some thoughts on Batshuayi and Pulisic. The bats man was also at Dortmund on loan and I'll say that though he has sparks of form, he only did so well because he came off the bench. He just doesn't have the well rounded and solidified game to be reliable yet. Expect some ups and downs with him. Pulisic has energy and determination to "make stuff happen" in a game, which will be a good refreshing feeling for the culture of the team, but half way through the season you'll get annoyed by it too. It's never out of place on those games where you feel like your team lack the drive to score though. Regardless he's still a good offensive winger and will tee up lots of assist opportunities. His big struggle is that his dribbling is better than his finishing, though it's hard to place because while he can finish very well sometimes, he just isn't a person that has that reliable nose for the right type of shot to take in the right moment. You can and should call it youth, but try as he might it didn't get much better in his 2+ years at Dortmund. That being said, go crush man u in the opener!

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