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  1. He just needs a set of brass knuckles!!
  2. Holy Cow was CP ever mugged today in the Porto match! I do not know how we are going to keep him healthy the way he gets kicked and thrown around. He may need to put some rocks in his pockets!!!
  3. Werner has quality too...but he is messed up in the head. He needs to forget about how much Chelsea paid for him and play like he is in youth football! Relax have fun and those goals will come. He is not handling the pressure very well.
  4. CP and the whole team played their best football under TT. Christian did not play like a player trying to not get hurt. He and Havertz, with Mount controlling the midfield, were incredible today.
  5. Well CONCACAF has the GOLD CUP this summer. They did postpone World Cup qualifying until the fall, but he will most likely be playing in the Gold Cup. It is kind of a big deal in CONCACAF.
  6. Yeah, he could probably benefit from more weight training, but I have seen that actually take away speed from American football players. It could help keep him healthier, but it could also take away some of the qualities that make him so dangerous.
  7. Yeah he has recovered from the mid section injury, its the hamstring that is causing him issues. Yeah, so it probably is not Chelsea's fault, but it is still in their best interest to be careful with a muscle injury that does not seem to want to heal. They paid a pretty good sum for him knowing that he had a history of muscle injuries, so they must value his talent.
  8. Based on what I know about muscle tears, he should have been left off the team and out of training for at least 3 months to give it the best possible chance of healing the strongest. Muscles are a different beast. Even then, a muscle tear is prone to re-tear. There are newer methods to try to accelerate healing for muscle tears, but in my experience the success rate is minimal at best. Time and rest is the best healer in these cases. Hope he heals fast and gets Chelsea to where they need to be.
  9. Have to say I agree. Some athletes are prone to muscle tears and he is one of them. It is a shame that they take so long to heal and once torn they are very likely to tear again.
  10. All true...but every person is different! Torn muscles have ended careers. Luckily he is young and has a good chance to heal if treated properly.
  11. He does not have a minor pull or knock. He has a torn ham string that has not healed properly. I am sure he is worried about it and it hinders him mentally. It is a major injury that if not handled properly will end his career.
  12. Good because you have no clue what you are talking about! Only a troll would go back and read a bunch of old posts to try to defend his point of view. Yes the way TT plays football makes my eyes bleed. However as long as he wins he will keep people happy no matter how boring it is to watch.
  13. Now you are just trying to troll me...you say one thing but really mean another. Whatever man. Hazard had a great career at Chelsea and moved to Spain gets hurt and has not done sh*te since. It's not the league, it's the injury. I have no doubt he will have a great career in any league, if he can stay healthy. If the EPL was really all that, EPL teams would win the Champions league more often than 20% of the time. CP can handle the EPL
  14. It's the same niggle...he has really had two big injuries in his career I think. He had some sort of back injury that kept him out for awhile, then that hamstring, which has never healed properly. He has looked better lately, but I still do not see that burst back. He can still put himself or others in position to score without that burst, but with it he is going to score more easy goals.
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