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  1. I wouldn't feel comfortable with this lot at the back if we were 4-0 up going into stoppage time.
  2. One of my first childhood heroes. Too many memories of great saves to single out a particular one, however, saves against West ham in a 5-5 belter at the bridge in 1966 and against Sheff Wed in the FA cup the following season spring to mind. A legend in the true sense of the word and a thorough gentleman on and off the pitch. rest well Peter and thank you for your service, love and loyalty to Chelsea FC and football in general. R.I.P Sir Peter.
  3. I've said it for years, this bloody board of ours should be put up against a wall. Why was there no investment in January after Frank repeatedly told them where we needed strengthening?
  4. Football has become a joke with VAR. Plenty of good goals ruled out this season because a players long hair was offside or his shoulder was 2 centimeters over the line. The bindippers have benefited to the tune of 18 points this season based on VAR decisions alone. Still love my club after 55 years and will do until they screw the lid down on me, but am totally disillusioned with the beautiful game these days. We want our football back!!!
  5. Every now and then we're going to get games like this. Frank and the lads have been brilliant so far this season, let's not forget that. We started the season with not too much expectation and to be honest, so far I think we've exceeded anything we may have realistically hoped for in August, so stay calm, expect a few bumps in the road and give Frank and his young team the realistic amount of time they need. KTBFFH.
  6. When Frank came back to the Bridge as Derby manager for the cup game last season, the emotion was raw and heartfelt. A lot of emotion here from both sides. Can't wait for the Leicester game, it feels that we, the fans, have got our club back again.
  7. Mourinho wasn't the reason those players left, it was our beloved board. Managers at Chelsea have very little say on the comings and goings of players.
  8. Sorry for the bad grammar, that should have read "Don't". Too much fluid intake I suppose!!
  9. The general media have ALWAYS hated us since RA took over, but do we give a sh*te? ..... I for one doesn't!
  10. We should expect nothing else from the Chelsea hating media. A lot of these so called sports journalists were bought up as Arsenal, Liverpool or Man Utd fans, The teams that dominated the 70's 80's and early 90' with unchallenged income from unknown sources that suited them at the time because nobody questioned or challenged it. Along comes this Russian dude with unlimited funds and suddenly everyone wants to know whats going on?? Envy is a terrible thing
  11. The mercenary barsteward has shown since January that his heart is no longer with the club. Get shot of him with a hearty thank you very much and a cheery slap on the back and pocket some decent money that we can spend on a quality striker who wants to win trophies in England and Europe. Thanks for everything Diego, but it's time you were on yer bike!!
  12. JT thinking to himself........ "Little Prick, no wonder she wanted a real man"
  13. I think a new song for JT would be a great way to see him on his way. We've got a few games to get it right before he goes so why not start it at Wembley on Saturday? To the tune of The Seekers "I'll never find another you!" Fans under 30 might need a bit of educating on how the song goes, but something like this might work. "HIS NAME'S JOHN TERRY, CAPTAIN, LEADER AND LEG-END. HE WILL BE TRUE CHELSEA UNTIL THE BITTER END. WE CAN SEARCH THE WHOLE WORLD OVER UNTIL OUR LIFE IS THROUGH, BUT WE KNOW WE'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU" And finish it off with chanting
  14. It would have to be something like this? It just epitomizes the man and his style.
  15. I have been fortunate enough to see some of the true legends of our club play throughout my time as a Chelsea supporter (actually,it's 52 years ago today. April 17, 1965 home Vs W.B.A. 2-2 after being 2-0 up!!.) the likes of Osgood, Tambling, Bonetti, Harris, Venables, Wilkins and so on. But you can mention any player in the club's history and they won't have the same status as regards of honours won, loyalty shown and 1 million % commitment to the cause of the club than John Terry. There was plenty of talk on more than one occasion about him leaving and signing for the likes of Spurs, Arsena
  16. I hereby declare him our very own caped crusader, coming to the rescue when it looked like a lost cause !!
  17. Had to put this one up today !........Taken exactly 50 years ago (almost to the minute?)
  18. I think the earlier images were captioned incorrectly ? where it says "looking north from the Fulham road", I think it's actually looking towards the Fulham road from behind the North stand (Matthew Harding) and the flyover on the left is actually over the railway tracks behind the East stand. If you look at the above photo you can actually see the railway underneath the proposed motorway. Here's the overhead view.
  19. Like most other Chelsea fans of course I'm disappointed things didn't work out for JM, but to carry on like this brain dead is doing is nothing short of footballing blasphemy. Jose may well have lost some of the plot towards the end, but there were a lot of extenuating circumstances that also played a part in what was going on at the club during this period. And if it was all Jose's fault how is it that some of the teams performances under Uncle Guss were just as bloody awful as anything we experienced before Jose left ? I will always be grateful to the man for what he delivered while he w
  20. Perfectly put dkw. I'm feeling much like this myself at the mo'. The game I've loved all my life is becoming a farce, more akin to a soap opera or a tacky girlie magazine..(Sorry Ladies)..a lot of old bitches who masquerade as T.V pundits and Journo's are now controlling the game more than the officials
  21. Peckham Blue, you're a star! so many great photo's and memories there, those games, most of which I was at with my brother Kev, are still pretty vivid in my memory. The Shrewsbury F.A. cup match in '66 Is particularly memorable as it was the first time we sat in the benches in the "new" west stand, we couldn't get in there for the 6 round game against Hull, (2-2) so we stood right at the top of the north west terrace right next to the floodlight base and hardly saw a bloody thing! ah, happy days.
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