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  1. Hazard has too much of say when it comes to picking the team, and i know this for a fact.
  2. When was the last time we had a striker, that every time he got the ball, everyone stood up in the terraces? Drogba? Costa? No one since. Its obvious we need to spend in this coming transfer period. Watching us play through our own half is great to watch, but there's no one that puts fear into the opposition in the final 1/3. When we break, Willian insists on holding up the play so the opposition can get back into position, losing the initiative. It's not good enough. Play players that are hungry, like HO.
  3. Nope, been a member since 2012. I read, but don't post. I'm not going to tell who the squad member is, but that info did come from a current squad member. I'm not bothered if you don't believe me, unless you want a wager on it?
  4. Hazard picks the team, organises training, etc, Sarri is just a puppet. And this comes from a current member of the squad.
  5. Welcome to The Shed End GarfyB :)

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