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  1. Lol you managed to find Page 2 of said Phrase Book then? Or rather unstick the pages? Normally this sort of thing doesn't interest me but you're so wonderfully oblivious of your own stupidity it's quite entertaining. Let me dumb it down for you: a) doctorblue said rude things about fellow Forum members, b) Fitz responded with a rude comment about doctorblue, c) instead of justifying position (a) doctorblue had a hissy-fit, stamped his feet and used lots of sweary words to try and sound tough and important on the internet, d) doctorblue then whined that he wanted 'an apology'. Do you get it now? Or do I have to explain it with the Finger Puppets? Can the cheese sandwich you have in your brain in place of frontal-lobes grasp it? You behaved like an arsehole. You were then treated like an arsehole in return. If you dish it out....
  2. Lol the person who goes around calling other forum members names goes into a complete meltdown when he gets called just one back. Got any more cliched quotes from your Macho-Gammon Phrasebook? Perhaps you should take your own advice and just 'be a man about it' eh? But seeing how it's Christmas and the season of giving I'll give you the apology you deserve; "f**k all apology". Hope you like it.
  3. Got to be winning this one; Chelsea 1- 0 West Ham Azpi with a lash, 44 min.
  4. At the risk of further derailing this thread you'll be waiting a loooong time. End of.
  5. "Snowflake", "Be a man", "you should be careful " etc etc. I've already explained clearly what I'm accusing you of. If in doubt read it again. The accusations of "being a racist" could be another recent conversation you've had, I don't know?
  6. No I'm the one who associated your choice of language with xenophobic behaviour. If you're going to threaten me 'pal' at least get it right.
  7. My Teutonic inference of the words 'Gestapo' and 'Fuhrer'? Clearly not a doctor of language. It's more usual to see xenophobes resorting to insults at any time of year.
  8. It's sly xenophobia creeping in since the German players arrived - they're trying not be too obvious about it.
  9. Yeah agree with this to an extent. Frank's over-relying on Giroud to get the goals now after the drought and it's distorting our play. It makes our play very predictable and slow; Wolves dealt with our crosses comfortably first half (well the one's that reached Giroud anyway) and there's no-one around to pick up the second ball either.
  10. We are such a yo-yo team. We can only get a run together if everyone's fit otherwise it's open season for the opposition.
  11. The confidence and fight has gone out of us for some reason. We've been just as bad since the subs- no difference.
  12. Where's the yellow card? How many warnings do we need.?
  13. Lukewarm performance first half. Need to up the tempo next.
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