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  1. Heard about this today via Facebook, absolutely horrible.
  2. Yeah exactly this. I thought he had it in him but he doesn't. Not improved in some time now. I'm with you I'd take some decent money for him.
  3. Why he's not good enough. He's been in the team but he's not a key player, never has been.
  4. Tammy has been completely frozen out unfairly. He must be absolutely shocking in training, that's all I can think of.
  5. I know he has fans on here but Jorginho is f**king rubbish. Backpass merchant who offers absolutely nothing. Cannot stand watching him play and he's our vice captain.
  6. Absolutely f**king furious watching that. Absolutely dreadful performance. The only plus is hopefully Arteta keeps his job because he's a sh*te manager and they are an absolutely woeful side.
  7. Jorginho shouting for everyone to move forward. No wonder no one does they all know he's gonna pass 5 yards back.
  8. 28% possession for arsenal this half. Embarrassing from us.
  9. Got to be at least 5 minutes injury time. Not that it's looking like it'll matter.
  10. That's harsh I think he's had a very good season.
  11. This has ended up being a very good season so far but we still have a lot to do to challenge City next year.
  12. Yep it's weird isn't it. You can always tell with us.
  13. I thought CHO was going to be class but he's not developed in a couple of years now. I don't think he's got it in him to be top level.
  14. I know he's offside but what is CHO doing there.
  15. You could tell straight away that was offside.
  16. Havertz will be a quality player but he's definitely not a striker. Doesn't have the instinct for it.
  17. Why the f**k is Havertz not sliding in for that. Great cross from James.
  18. Gilmour off instead of Jorginho, strange one that.
  19. Genuinely can't see us scoring tonight. We are a much better side against attacking teams and this lot are going to stick everyone behind the ball now. Please for the love of God prove me wrong.
  20. That's not even an exaggeration, every single one.
  21. Kovacic and Gilmour both have to be ahead to Jorginho next year.
  22. Gilmour has looked good so far, passing it around really nice.
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