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So, we've had 11 managers during Alex Ferguson's reign


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John Hollins (1986-88)

Bobby Campbell (1989-91)

Ian Porterfield (1991-93)

David Webb (1993)

Glenn Hoddle (1993-96)

Ruud Gullit (1996-98)

Gianluca Vialli (1998-00)

Claudio Ranieri (2000-04)

Jose Mourinho (2004-07)

Avram Grant (2007-08)

Luis Felipe Scolari (2008)

... I must say I find that rather depressing.

As much as I'm excited that we're getting Hiddink as he seems like a fantastic manager, and just what we need in the short term, I really, really hope we can get in a younger manager on a permanent, long term basis and let them build their own dynasty, just like Ferguson has done with Manchester United.

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True. I would love to have the same manager for a long, long time. But I don't see that happening right now. When we're no longer depending on Roman (should be done by 2010) then we can start organizing things better. Right now we are depending alot on Roman and if we don't want to use his money right now then we're not getting any players.

I also think that Kenyon and the rest always have that ominous feeling that Roman COULD leave us any day (he probably wont but we can't be 100% sure) and I think that has some effect on the club.

So when we're no longer depending on Roman then I think we've got a better chance at getting a manager who will stay for quite some time.

And when that happens we - the supporters - need to have patience. Even if we end up with no trophy the first season with the new manager we have to have patience and have faith in him (or her).

Still, having a manager like Ferguson who stays forever in one place is quite rare. I mean, how many teams have managers who have been there for more than 10 years? Usually it's 3-5 years and they're out. At Real Madrid it's 1 year with trophies and you're out. ::ChELSeAFaN::

But, yes, it would be nice to sit here 15-20 years from now (well, not exactly in this place because I hope I'll have moved by then, but you know what I mean) and say that "Wow, I was there 15-20 years ago when our current manager got the job. Now that's cool."

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I really wish Hiddink would be a long term-ish appointment (assuming he works and wants to stay) but obviously it doesnt at all look like that is the case

But I will say about the idea of a 'dynasty' under a single manager is that Man Utd have been very very lucky to have two legends of the game like Busby and Ferguson pass through their club. It just does not happen very often in football, and to get a manager like that, up there with the 'greats' of the game is a rarity that we might see once in a generation and will take a long time to find.

Also, and nobody who ever talks about his record tires of pointing this out, but Ferguson took seven years to win the league at Man Utd. In that time his team were mid table some years. If you have a manager with ability. you obviously have to keep the faith

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